Are You Making These Mistakes After Your Orange County CA Car Accident?

Avoid These Common Mistakes After a Car Accident

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common car accident mistakesCar Accident recently? Do any of these 8 mistakes apply to your case?

1. Assuming you are alright after an accident because you have little or no initial pain.

Many cases of “mild” whiplash have delayed onset of symptoms of days, weeks, even months. Before making any major decisions about your case consult an expert who can find any hidden injuries.

2. Relying on an emergency room visit that says you are not injured.

Emergency room doctors are great at what they do; they make instant decisions on whether you have suffered a life threatening injury. Happily, most auto accidents are not. Unfortunately, whiplash type injuries may be subtle and hard to find when you are rushing through an exam. ER docs are just not trained and equipped to find these subtle problems and many of the injuries may not show up for some time after the accident.

3. Allowing your HMO doctor to treat you.

HMO’s are designed for one thing: provide minimal medical treatment at the least cost possible. Whiplash injuries take time to heal and can result in high medical costs, therefore HMO doctors are under pressure from their bureaucratic bosses to minimize auto accident treatment. This often results in being inadequately treated and prematurely discharged leading to chronic pain.

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