“Auto Accident Injury Intensifiers”

Auto Accident Injury Intensifiers

Orange County, CA

Car Accident injury information by whiplash expert Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor, Orange, CA

Young Man Holding NeckAuto accidents are a common occurrence in Orange County. Each year thousands of Orange residents are injured in collisions between vehicles in the county’s over stuffed freeways.

Medical researchers have compiled data on “injury intensifiers” or things or circumstances that make an injury worse. Knowing these intensifiers, can help you, your car accident doctor and your lawyer better understand your injuries. Some may think that just because there is minor vehicle damage, that your injuries should also be “minor.” That’s not always the case. These intensifiers are the reason why some are hurt more than others.

Here are some of the most commonly known factors or “injury intensifiers,” that can increase your risk for injury in an accident.

  • Rear impact: rear impact collisions cause more damage to the human spine than any other type of collision.
  • Head restraint position: a head restraint that is positioned incorrectly greatly increases your chance for injury
  • Head position: if you are looking to the side, down to your stereo or into your rear view mirror on impact, your injury potential is raised
  • Surprised: being surprised and therefore unable to brace for impact makes it 15x more likely that you will be injured
  • Female gender: females suffer injury more easily than males due to neck size and other anatomic factors
  • Pre-existing arthritis or disc disease: an already compromised neck even if it was asymptomatic previously, makes the neck less resilient to injury
  • Angled impact: If your body is turned or if the striking vehicle hits your vehicle at an angle, the forces to your body are asymmetrical and cause more damage to one side of your body than the other.
  • Trailer or tow hitch: A trailer package on your car or truck bolts directly to your frame; it is rigid and does not give on impact. When a lower vehicle strikes the hitch and not your bumper, the forces are not dampened by a crushable bumper and causes much more force to go through the chassis and into your body.
  • There are many more injury intensifiers in the research literature a good competent car accident doctor will be aware of and question you about

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