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Auto Accident Medical Treatment Orange County CA

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Auto Accident Medical Treatment is different than for any other type of condition. Injuries sustained in car accidents are unique and require specialized diagnosis and treatment.

If you have suffered an auto accident, there are key diagnostic exams and tests that must be done to properly and completely document your injuries. Without a proper medical work-up, not only will you have  a weak case, but most importantly, your medical condition will suffer because if you do not know exactly what is wrong, how can you possibly treat it precisely?

Car crash injuries require the expertise of a specialist not just your general medical physician or chiropractor. Anyone can treat car accident injuries, but few professionals are actually specialists in the field. Many injuries linger because of inadequate or improper medical treatment. Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure you are consulting with a bona fide auto accident injury specialist.

But what if I can’t afford treatment in a high powered specialists office? It must be very expensive…?

That’s where many accident victims go wrong. In an auto accident case, you do not have to pay for the medical treatment up front. Your treatment will be covered by your own health insurance, your own auto “med pay” policy or will be paid by the other person’s auto insurance at the conclusion of your case.

So here’s an important thing to consider; it costs the same to see a “run of the mill” general medical or chiropractic doctor as it does to see a true specialist! And with the generalist you can’t be sure the treatment is proper for your condition. Plus… generalists who do not specialize in car accident cases, do not know the ins and outs with insurance companies and car accident lawyers. They may not negotiate with them and so you can end up surprised with with a large medical bill at the end of your auto accident case. Lastly, generalists often do not know how to write effective, fact-filled rebuttal letters and final reports that help your attorney with your car accident settlement.

Auto accident medical specialists, on the other hand, know how to treat your problem and are familiar with the car accident “business.” They know what is customary or not and can help you settle your case. In most instances, your medical bills will be covered through negotiations and you will not be presented with a surprise bill. Medical reports are a crucial part of your case, therefore you need a solid report that will inform the insurance company, your attorney and possibly a jury, about the severity of your injuries.

You need an expert’s opinion

If you’ve already begun treatment with another doctor, you should consider getting a second opinion from an auto accident injury specialist to make sure you are getting the proper care you need. Remember, you are in charge. You hire the professionals you feel most comfortable with and who are going to take care of your needs above everything else.

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Compare your current medical doctor or chiropractor with our car accident medical specialist…

Dr. Barry L. Marks, DC

  • Auto Accident specialist since 1986
  • Former Associate Clinical Professor at a leading Chiropractic College
  • Extensive Post-Doctorate specialty training in spinal orthopedics, LACC
  • Advanced Graduate in Whiplash and Brain Trauma, Spine Research Institute San Diego
  • Whiplash and Spinal Trauma Post-Doctorate program, Life Chiropractic College, West
  • Accident Reconstruction and Low Speed Impact, California Chiro Assn.
  • Qualified Medical Examiner, State of California
  • Experienced in personal injury trials as an expert medical witness
  • Author of numerous car accident injury articles and an online whiplash seminar for patients, doctors and lawyers.

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