Can You Really Prevent Car Accident Whiplash Injuries?

Whiplash Prevention: Really?

By Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Car Accident expert Orange CA

how to prevent car accident whiplash

Whiplash is a growing problem. Cars have become safer in that fewer people are dying in car accidents. That is thanks to modern engineering and safety features of cars such as airbags, reinforced doors, better pillar designs, ABS brakes, etc. Experts point out that whiplash injuries however, are on the rise.

Incidence of whiplash injury has climbed despite fewer deaths because the design of newer cars is based on making the car able to take a larger hit without requiring body shop repairs.  This means that a crash at 8 mph that used to mangle a rear bumper now doesn’t even leave a scratch! That’s good right?

Yes and no.

It’s good for the auto insurers because they do not have to pay for an $800 rear bumper. It’s bad for the motorists because an 8 mph rear end collision could result in an $8,000 whiplash injury! How can that be?

Basic physics teaches us that any energy created by two cars colliding must go somewhere. Some is given off as heat and noise, but most goes directly to the car. If a cars bumper crumples, excess energy is being dissipated and less energy is passed through to the chassis and eventually into the occupant. If no crumple occurs though, ALL of the energy is transmitted to the chassis and then to the person in the vehicle.

Therefore more whiplash injures are being caused by our “safer” cars.

So how can you prevent or at least minimize whiplash?

There are two very simple adjustments you can make right now to your car that will make your car much safer and drastically lower your potential for a whiplash injury. Read about them here: Two Simple Things to Prevent Whiplash Injury


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