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If you’ve been in an auto accident recently, please read this information very carefully before you do anything else…

An auto accident, even a “minor” one, can have serious and long-lasting repercussions if not handled correctly.

Common Legal Mistakes:

  • Not obtaining information from the other party
  • Falling prey to “don’t report it to my insurance, I’ll pay you cash…”
  • Believing the other person’s insurance wants to help you
  • Thinking you don’t need a car accident lawyer

Common Medical Mistakes:

  • Assuming you are not injured because your pain is mild
  • Assuming you aren’t hurt because your car wasn’t
  • Believing the ER doctor when he or she says “it’s just a strain, you’ll be better in a couple of days…”
  • Treating with non auto accident specialists like your general chiropractor, family medical doctor, HMO doctor, etc. Accident injuries are not the same as gardening strains.

Free Car Accident Severity and Needs Analysis
If you’ve been in a car accident and you are not sure about your car accident claim or if you are concerned you are not getting proper whiplash treatment, then follow this link for a Free Car Accident Severity and Needs Analysis.

This is a Free service we provide to accident victims of Orange County and surrounding areas. After you have completed the form you will receive a personalized report detailing possible solutions to your auto accident problem. This is a Free, No-obligation service and you will not be contacted unless you request it. Your car accident does not need to be a hassle. Let us review your case and see what can be done to eliminate your pain and aggravation and prevent future legal and medical problems.

What We Can Offer You:

Legal Advice with No Up-Front Costs:

  • Legal help with qualified auto accident lawyers in your area of Orange County
  • Help getting you car fixed with reputable auto body shops
  • Assistance getting a rental car
  • Stopping the annoying calls from insurance companies

Medical Treatment with No Out-Of-Pockets Costs to You:

  • Finding a competent and caring auto accident specialist for your whiplash treatment
  • Finding medical specialists for your particular needs: orthopedists, neurologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc.
  • Obtaining MRI and other diagnostic testing for your car accident injuries
  • Arranging second opinions
  • Obtaining medical reports that prove your injury and sway juries

Types of Cases We Specialize In:

  • Car accidents ( rear impact, front impact, side impact, roll over, fatality, low impact, slow speed)
  • Truck accidents (car vs truck, truck vs truck)
  • Bus and Taxi accidents (private and municipal lines)
  • 9, 12 & 15 Passenger van accidents (private and commercial tours)
  • Motorcycle accidents (car vs motorcycle)
  • Motor home and RV Accidents
  • Uninsured accidents (other driver uninsured, victim uninsured)
  • Pedestrian accidents (car vs pedestrian, motorcycle vs pedestrian, taxi vs pedestrian)

We are selective about which cases we take, but if we do accept your case, we will do everything necessary to get you the professional legal and/or medical help you need. We will take care of everything. That’s why we call it “concierge” service. We take care of all the details for you professionally and efficiently so you don’t have to worry or waste your valuable time.

Our car accident attorneys and auto accident medical specialists are accessible by telephone and/or email when you need them. For many services we will even come to you. No other Orange County Car Accident specialists “out satisfy” our clients with personal attention, accessibility and results.

For your Free Auto Accident Needs Analysis and Personalized Action Report go here.

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