Car Accident in Orange County? New Whiplash Seminar Part 1

Orange County Car Accident Treatment Information

The Truth About Whiplash Seminar Series Part 1 by Dr Barry L Marks, Chiropractor, Author and Lecturer Orange, CA

Former Associate Clinical Professor and Car Accident injury specialist, Dr Barry L Marks presents the first in a series of videos to reveal “The Truth About Whiplash.”

Part 1: The Problem with Whiplash explains common misconceptions about car accident injuries and lays out the basic facts about whiplash. Dr. Marks information is fuller referenced citing some of the world;s leading authorities on whiplash research.

This information is easy to understand yet very powerful and persuasive. It is suitable for auto accident victims as well as for continuing education for doctors and lawyers handling car accident cases.

YouTube Preview Image

Watch Part 1: The Problem with Whiplash now.

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