Car Accident Neck Exercise Videos Part 1

Neck exercises for auto accident victims
Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Orange, CA

Whiplash injuries caused by car crashes often results in damage to the neck characterized by a loss of normal curve. Medical researchers have found that a persistently reduced cervical curve increases the victims risk for early onset osteoarthritis by 600%. Therefore it is important to re-establish a normal curve as part of the rehabilitation process after an auto accident.

Previous posts gave examples of exercises to restore strength and stability and reshape the neck curve. We now present videos showing the exercises for more clarity.

Video number 1 of 3 depicts an exercise known as Head Translation. Head translation exercises are important to restore proper mechanics and function of the upper neck region, which is particularly prone to whiplash trauma.

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. The video of the head translation is good. As a Physical Therapist, I don’t recommend extreme head or chin protrusion. I like the chin tuck neck exercise and found that having people hold first for a count of 10 seconds for 10 repetitions was hard enough as a neck exercise.

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