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Exposing the Black & White Proof of Car Accident Neck Injuries

doctor_car_accident_neck_xrayVictims of automobile accident injuries know full well the experience is painful. Unfortunately, many doctors are inadequately trained to identify, document and treat this specialized medical problem.

This emboldens the insurance companies to refute treatment as reasonable or to reduce settlement offers since the injuries are not “objectively” proven.

The medical literature indicates that a common objective sign of injury in an automobile crash is a reduced neck curve (hypolordosis). One study found that 91% of subjects with a reduced neck curve had been involved in an automobile accident.

Therefore, it is imperative to have neck x-rays following a car crash. Your doctor then needs to measure the angle of lordosis. Normal range is between 30 and 40 degrees. Many experts agree that closer to 40 degrees is best.

Once a measurement is made, your doctor then must begin steps to return your curve to normal. (For exercises that accomplish this goal, see previous posts on this blog) After a period of treatment (about 3 months) your doctor should take comparative x-rays and measure again. If the treatment has been successful, the angle or depth of curve should have increased.

before_xraySee the radiographs to the right which show a decresead neck curve due to an auto accident followed by x-rays showing objective proof of correction after only 2 months of proper chiropractic rehabilitative treatment.

THe first x-ray is from an accidnerent victim who had completed several moitnhs fo pohysical tehrapy and medications, but contineud to suffer from neck pain and ehadaches.  On consultation it was learend his neck was never x-rayed despite the fact that the rear of his car suffered significant damage.

A personalized action plan was designed that included in office treatments and at home exercises over a period of 2 months. On re-exam he was found to be suffering only mild occasional headaches and his “after” x-rays showed a significant increase in neck curve. The final measurement was 38 degrees, which is well within normal limits. The patient was thenafter_xray instructed in an “at home” after care exercise program to maintain proper alignment.

Objective proof of an injury is crucial to make your case to the insurance companies. If your doctor does not do this, then your case is in jeopardy and you may not receive the level of compensation you deserve. Worse yet, if your doctor does not follow this protocol and releases you with an uncorrected neck, you have a 600% increase in risk for early onset osteoarthritis and persistent headaches and neck pain.

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