Car Accident Treatment in Orange County

Dr Barry L Marks, DC
Orange County, CA
Car Accident Injury Treatment Specialist

Car accident injuries are a common and serious problem. Auto accident injuries require prompt medical evaluation and treatment.

But not all treatments are the same. Evidence from around the globe suggests one form of care is vastly superior for the care of car accident injuries or whiplash. Other studies suggest an ominous outcome for those not receiving proper or adequate care.

Conditions such as osteoarthritis and disc disease are chief among permanent residuals if auto accident injuries are not adequately cared for.

But how do you know if the treatment you are receiving is proper? How do you know if your doctor has the requisite training and qualifications to provide not only appropriate treatment, but also car accident treatment that minimizes chronic and disabling problems like headaches, arthritis and disc disease?

To learn the answers to these questions and more go to:

At the site you will also be able to download a Free Car Accident Treatment E-book and order a Free Auto Accident Guide in the mail. There’s even an online seminar, “The Truth About Whiplash”

The information is provided by noted Orange County Car Accident Treatment specialist, Dr. Barry L Marks, DC the medical director of Orange Spine & Disc Rehabilitation Center in Orange, CA.

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