Car Accident Whiplash: Aggravating Factors

Car Accident Whiplash: Aggravating Factors

aggravating factors in whiplash injuries

Car accidents happen all the time, some people are injured and some are not. What determines whether you are injured or not? Medical researchers have discovered certain factors that influence not only if you will become injured, but also how badly.

Aggravating Factors of Whiplash:

Rear impact
Female occupant
Small framed occupant
Head turned
Angled impact
Front seat location
Surprised by collision
Loss of or altered consciousness after the accident
Striking head on head restraint
Head restraint not properly fitted
Wet road surface
Airbag deployed
Pre-existing arthritis or other abnormality
Previous whiplash injuries
Low speed/minor vehicle damage despite feeling a large jolt
Larger striking vehicle
Misaligned bumpers
Striking vehicle speed of 10-20 mph

These factors make it more likely that you will be injured in a car crash accident and worsen the injury. This in turn worsens your prognosis or long term outlook for recovery.  In reality, you may have several factors in play in your specific accident. This is what makes each car accident a unique situation and why your car accident doctor must take a careful history and ask about these factors.

For a glimpse into what a real world accident history looks like and how these aggravating factors for whiplash come into play, go to




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