“Car Accident within 24-72 Hours? Read this NOW…”

Car Accident Information from Dr Barry L Marks, DC
Auto Accident Injury Specialist Orange, Orange County, CA

If you’ve been the victim of an auto accident in the past 24 to 72 hours, the clock is ticking…

auto_accident_x-rayIf you do not take decisive action within the next few hours you could be seriously jeopardizing your access to proper medical treatment and a fair settlement. This one simple action can keep you from suffering an uphill battle and endless hassles with the insurrance company.

Unfortuantely, this is information your doctor will not tell you. Most likely neither will you attorney.

Why not?

Because they probably aren’t aware of this important fact. But trust me as someone who has been involved in this industry for over 23 years and someone who has seen the inner workings of the big insurance corporations, this is something you need to know about and take care of immediately.

See, there are certain things insurance adjusters are looking for in your case. And if they don’t see certain things done within certain time frames, they will automatically discount your case…alot. By contrast, if they find certain things in your case, things done the way they like, your case value sky rockets!

Look, you don’t want your case discounted just because you didn’t do one simple thing do you? It would be a shame.

And wouldn’t you like to make sure you get access to the best possible medical care AND ensure a fair settlement? Of course you would.

So right now, before you do anything else, follow this link: Whiplash 72 Hours. You’ll thank me later. 

Dr Barry L. Marks, DC

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