Car Crash Accident Orange County California

Car Crash Accident Orange County California

car accident treatment orange county

Suffered a car crash accident in Orange County California?

You’re not alone.  Orange County’s freeways and side streets are host to numerous car crashes each and every day. Most collisions are rear impact accidents at relatively slow speeds that cause minor to moderate vehicle damage.

What may surprise you about these car crash accidents is that it is precisely the low speed collisions that cause the most neck injuries.  It may not seem to make sense at first, but when you understand how collisions occur and what happens to your vehicle and your body during a crash, then it becomes quite clear.

A car accident involves two vehicles colliding and giving off energy. The energy is dissipated as sound, breaking of plastic, deforming of metal, etc.  When a car is crashed with enough force, the bumper deforms and metal is crushed, which bleeds off a lot of energy. By the time the left over energy is translated through the vehicle chassis and into your seat, it may not be enough to do much damage to your body.

In a low speed car crash however, the energy may be below the threshold required to deform the bumper or crumple the metal body parts and instead travels through the car chassis and into your body. Because there has been less bleed off of energy, your body may be subjected to more force than in a heavier crash.

Researchers found that the majority of injury accidents occur in vehicle collisions of around 14 mph. It has also been confirmed through numerous scientific and medical studies that many modern day cars can be repeatedly crashed at 20 mph and show no visible signs of damage. Therefore a surprising fact about Orange County California car crashes is that there may be very little vehicle damage and yet the occupants can suffer painful injuries.

Now this does not mean you are not likely to be injured in a car crash with severe vehicle damage  or that it’s guaranteed you will be hurt in a slow speed one. There are many factors that come into play in determining whether or not you will suffer any injuries. Things like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Position in car (torso straight versus turned, head straight versus turned, etc)
  • Position of head restraint (>2 inches from the back of your head increases risk)
  • Prior injuries
  • Arthritic spine
  • Size of vehicles
  • Speed of vehicles
  • Bumpers matching or over riding
  • Wet or dry pavement
  • Surprised by impact

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