Do You Know The Most Important Physical Sign to Look for After a Car Accident in Orange County, CA?

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doctor_car_accident_neck_xrayCar accidents are a common problem. You probably pass by one each day on the streets or freeways of Orange County, California. If you’ve never been involved in one, consider yourself lucky. Most drivers in Southern California will experience more than one accident in their driving career.

While accidents are common, treatment rendered by acupuncturists, chiropractors, medical physicians, and physical therapists varies greatly. The effectiveness of these treatments also varies. The reason behind this is the fact that there is one very important physical problem that is at the root of all whiplash-type injuries. If your treatment is designed to correct this problem, then you stand the best possible chance for recovery. If not, then you are doomed to suffer chronic pain.

So what is this “most important physical sign?”


“Hypo” means less or reduced.

“Lordosis” is the natural curve found in the neck and lower back.

So hypo-lordosis means a reduction in a spinal curve, in the case of whiplash, the neck curve.

Here’s a picture of a neck curve that is straightened due to an auto collision. The yellow line indicates the approxiamte curve of a normal neck.


Generally, the more straightened the neck is, the worse the injury. In some cases the neck will actually be so injured it will curve the opposite direction. This is called a “kyphosis.”

X-rays are Vital After a Car Crash

Therefore, after a car crash, your doctor must see whether or not you have a normal neck curve. He or she cannot do that without taking an x-ray. So when you show up at your family doctor’s office or ER after an accident, even a minor one, and they do not take an x-ray, you know they are not the best place to be managing your condition. This sign must be looked for on x-ray to determine the extent of your injuries and give you an estimate on your long term recovery.

Identifying the Abnormal Curve is a Start…

but it is not the end all. Your doctor or therapist must also provide you with treatment that is aimed at improving your curve and getting it back to normal. A doctor or therapist who does not provide you with treatment capable of accomplishing this is not treating your problem correctly.

How do you suppose you will know if your neck curve is getting better?

Taking a comparison x-ray after a period of treatment is the only way to tell if your curve is improved. So, any doctor or therapist who does not take comparative films of your neck is doing you a disservice.

This is important.

Research tells us that people with uncorrected neck curves after an accident suffer with chronic neck pain, headaches and stiffness. You also have a 600% higher risk of developing early osteoarthritis with an uncorrected neck after an accident.

Here’s an example of a person who suffered a strain that caused Hypolordosis after a car crash and later on re-exam was found to be improved after rehabilitative care in my office.


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