Facet Joint Injuries from Car Accidents

Facet joint injuries from Car Accidents

cervical facet joints and neck anatomy

Facet joint injuries are the most common sources of pain in a rear impact motor vehicle collision.

The facet joints are the small paired joints to the rear of the neck that help provide and guide movement. They are small and delicate and are not supposed to bear much weight.  In a car accident, these joints and their surrounding support structures (ligaments, tendons, muscles) become damaged and malfunction.  These injuries cause a predictable pain pattern that your car accident medical expert should be aware of.

Slightly more than half of car crash victims will resolve with treatment, but upwards of 43% of whiplash victims will suffer from chronic pain and impairment and the vast majority fo those are due to chronic facet joint malfunction.

For more details including scientific references, see Facet Joint Injuries from Car Accidents on Scribd.com http://www.scribd.com/doc/48659929/Facet-Joint-Injuries-From-Car-Accidents

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