Headache from Car Accidents

Headaches from Car Accidents

headache from car accidents

Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor
Car Accident Expert Orange County, CA

Headaches are among the most common symptoms from a car accident whiplash injury.

Causes of car accident headaches:

Direct head trauma:

Your head pain can come from various areas of injury. Most obviously, if your head strikes the head restraint, you can experience head pain located at the back of the head (occiput). You may also strike the door or window frame if you are struck on the side of your car causing you to have pain on the side of your head. In a front impact collision, it is very common to strike your head on the airbag creating a frontal headache.

Indirect trauma:

What if you didn’t strike your head and you still have a headache, where does that come from?

Headaches may literally come from your head.
You may have suffered a a sudden jolt by the impact that causes your brain to quickly move in the vault of your skull and stretch the ligaments suspending it in place causing a stretching injury to the nerve cells where the ligaments attach. Your brain may actually “bump” the inside of your skull on a quick jolt. In either case, you have suffered a concussion or mild traumatic brain injury by the mere shaking of your head. The most common symptom of a concussion is a headache. usually you may also experience sleepiness or tiredness even after a full nights sleep, sensitivity to light and/or sound, difficulty concentrating or remembering things, dizziness and/or nausea, anger, overly emotional and other symptoms. If you have a car accident and experience any of those symptoms along with your headache its pretty good bet you have a concussion.

Headaches can also come from your neck.
The muscles, ligaments and bones that comprise your neck (cervical spine) have many pain fibers in them. Once injured they will refer pain to various places of your body. The upper portion of your neck is particularly well supplied with nerves that when injured will refer pain to the back of your head causing an occipital headache. Damaged ligaments will radiate pain to the back of your neck and just underneath your skull causing a sub-occipital headache. Misaligned bones in your neck can also send pain to your head. The very upper vertebra called the Atlas will often refer pain to the top or vertex of your head, while the second vertebra the Axis will cause pain at the back of your head.

Car accidents often cause headaches.

Where your headache is and how it feels may give you insight into where your injuries lie. It is part of the puzzle, your car accident doctor will piece together to determine the nature of your injuries and formulate a proper and effective car accident treatment plan specifically for your whiplash injury.

If you’ve suffered a car accident and have or are experiencing headaches, you should consult a car accident doctor in Orange County immediately for a complete and thorough evaluation.



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