Low Back Pain Common in Rear Impact Car Accidents

Low Back Pain Car Accident Orange County
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Low Back Pain Car Accident
While neck injuries are substantially more common after a car accident, lower back pain is still a significant problem that is often overlooked. Worse many insurers question whether a low back can be injured in a car accident.

Not only are back strains common in car accidents, but serious injuries such as disc herniation and bulges are not uncommon.  These types of injuries are more common due to degeneration of the disc prior to the accident, but which were often not symptomatic until after the accident.

Interestingly enough, many studies have shown that lower back pain after a car accident is often delayed. Headaches, neck pain and nausea are often early signs of injury after a car crash, but it may be days, weeks or months before low back pain emerges. A slower onset of back pain generally means a disc problem like disc bulging or a herniated disc. These injuries tend to take time before the disc bulges or herniates after it has been initially injured in the impact.

Signs of a serious lower back injury from a car accident:

  • Delayed onset of weeks or moths after collision
  • Pain is centered in middle of lower back and not in muscles
  • Pain is aggravated by bending forward, coughing and/or sneezing
  • Pain radiates to buttocks, leg or foot
  • Back cannot straighten up or is pulled to one side

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