Lumbar Disc Herniation Bulging Disc from Car Accidents

Lumbar Disc Herniation Bulging Disc from Car Accidents

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Most people equate car accident whiplash injuries with neck pain, but did you know that approximately half of all rear impact car crashes results in lower back injuries?

The neck is more easily injured because it is less protected. Your head is essentially balancing on your neck and has no support whatsoever, save for your neck muscles. The torso and lower back are more protected as they are usually resting against the seat. Therefore, there is less potential for it to be strained on impact. But, your lower back CAN be injured and often is.

Factors increasing chance of lower back injury in car accidents:

  • Large striking vehicle
  • Fast striking vehicle
  • Seat back breaks on impact
  • Sitting away from the back of seat/leaning forward
  • Sitting at an angle in seat
  • Submarine collision: striking vehicle goes under yours causing your car to pop upwards
  • Pre-existing disc or back problems
  • Age: the older you are the more likely your low back will be injured

Often times a lower back injury will show up more slowly than a neck injury. The longer the delay in onset of back pain may often indicate a disc injury such as disc herniation or bulging disc as these conditions can appear like a slowly leaking tire. With a slow and gradual onset until your back becomes very painful days, weeks or months alter.

If you’ve suffered a car accident and have had a delayed onset of back pain, bring it to the attention of your car accident doctor immediately.

Many people will pass off the new pain as just an ache or stiffness because they’ve slept wrong or exerted themselves, but this can delay much needed treatment. Your doctor needs to evaluate your lower back pain and see if it is related to your auto accident. If it is, it needs to be documented properly to include in your list of injuries.

Diagnosing lower back pain, disc herniation after a car accident:

  • Physical examination
  • X-rays
  • MRI

 Treatments for car accident disc herniation:

Non-surgical spinal disc decompression under the direction of a spinal decompression doctor who also specializes in car accident treatment. This treatment can repair your damaged discs, relieve your lower back pain and prevent the need for surgery.

Lumbar Disc Herniation Bulging Disc from Car Accidents

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