Need Car Accident Doctor near Newport Beach CA, Irvine CA?

Need Car Accident Doctor near Newport Beach CA, Irvine CA?

newport beach ca car accident medical treatment

Newport Beach Ca Car Accident? Are You Making This HUGE mistake?

“If you’ve suffered a car accident and are in the Newport Beach, Costa Mesa or Irvine CA areas, do not make your auto accident treatment decision based on geography.”

Sure the chiropractor down the street or in your office building is convenient. For a simple back or neck adjustment they’re just fine, but for a car accident injury, you really do need a specialist. Car accident doctor’s specializing in personal injury cases know the how to find all of your injuries, even the hidden ones most doctors fail to uncover and document them properly. A car accident specialist also knows the best, most effective treatment protocols for your particular type of injury. Like people, not all auto accident injuries are the same. And your car crash expert knows the ins and outs of insurance, law, etc required to successfully navigate a personal injury settlement.

The problem with using a general doctor or chiropractor for your car accident case is that you won’t know he or she was not the right person to treat you until it’s too late and your case is done. That’s the wrong time to find out and results in poor or inadequate treatment and less than fair settlements.

When deciding on a car accident doctor look for these things:

  • What is their training?
  • Do they have lots of hours in car accident specific seminars?
  • Have they authored any works in the personal injury, whiplash, car accident field?
  • Are they active in the personal injury scene? (Hint Google “car accident doctor” or “car accident treatment”)

Consider these important car accident doctor qualifications and you will soon realize that geography is not an important matter. Driving an extra 10 minutes to see a true car accident specialist will reap many benefits.

  • Better, more focused treatment
  • Proper documentation of your case
  • Expert letters and reports that are in the insurance and legal community’s language
  • Advice on insurance and legal matters
  • A more fair personal injury settlement
  • Less stress and aggravation because everything is taken care of for you

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