Only The Best Orange County Car Accident Lawyers

“Only The Best Orange County Car Accident Lawyers get my referrals” states Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor and Orange County Car Accident Doctor and expert.

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Dr Marks continues, “Not all personal injury attorneys alike. Most care little about quality, and are more concerned with a doctor to send them multiple cases and churn them over. All the cases are the same to them. In my Orange car accident treatment practice no two patients are the same. Each patient is an individual and so I expect a car accident attorney to treat them just as uniquely.”

“Personal injury cases such as after a car crash must be handled properly otherwise the car wreck victim will lose out,” so says Dr Marks.

Chiropractor Marks points out that the auto insurance companies have elaborate claims systems set up with computerized programs to value each case. Personal injury attorneys and doctors must be aware of these systems, how they work and how to legitimately maximize the value of a case. Inexperienced attorneys and doctors or ones that are using practice techniques from 10 years ago, are doing their clients/patients a great disservice.

This is why Dr Marks only sends his patients to a very select few Orange County Car Accident Lawyers. He demands the attorneys are ethical, straight forward and treat the patients like he does. That means when you call them they return your calls promptly and tell you right up front whether or not they can take your case and help you.

Dr Marks is happy to supply any Orange County Car Accident victims with his list of the best car accident lawyers in Orange County.

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