Orange Chiropractic Car Accident “Dashboard Knee” Injury

Orange Chiropractic Car Accident Treatment
Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor, Orange, CA

Dashboard Knee Injury

A common but often overlooked injury after a car accident is what is known as “dashboard knee injury.” This common term is used to describe knee pain, swelling and or stiffness after an auto accident. The actual underlying injury is a deep bruise or contusion to the joint surface cartilage. The initial injury may not have any symptoms at all for days or even weeks.

Eventually, enough inflammation will build up so that the injury surfaces. Once that occurs you will notice the telltale symptoms of car accident dashboard knee:

  • Pain on front of knee either on knee cap or just to side of knee cap
  • Swelling of knee around knee cap
  • Discoloration, bruising, abrasions around knee cap area
  • Stiffness of knee on bending

Diagnosis of Car Accident Dashboard Knee:
A diagnosis is made off of history of trauma, signs of physical contact, and an exam that rules out other conditions such as cartilage tear, ligament sprain, etc

Treatment of Car Accident Dashboard Knee:
1. Initial treatment to reduce inflammation and swelling:

  • Interferential electrical stimulation
  • Ice
  • Cold laser therapy acute trauma and inflammation  settings
  • Range of motion exercises

2. Rehabilitative care to strengthen muscles and stabilize joint:

  • Quad setting isometric exercises
  • Knee extensions
  • Modified Squats
  • Cold laser and ice

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