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Car Accident in Orange County, CA
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Car Accident Recently?

If you’ve suffered an auto accident recently you probably have many questions. Who will fix my car? Am I really injured? How will I pay for medical treatment? Do I have to sue someone?

Assuming you have already obtained the personal and auto insurance information from the person that hit you, your next step is quite logical.


You need to determine whether or not you are injured.

A personal injury case is predicated on medical damages. If you have not suffered any medically verified injuries, there is nothing to discuss other than a simple transaction of repairing your vehicle.

But how do you know if you are truly injured?
If you’ve been to the emergency room or have already visited your family or HMO doctor, you may have had a cursory exam and been told you have a neck or back strain. Often you will not have had x-rays and often even if you do, you will be told they are “essentially normal.” The first thing to know about car accident injuries or whiplash is that they are often underestimated by most medical physicians.

What you need is to be evaluated by a true car accident injury specialist. Your spine may be injured more than you realize and you may not even feel that much pain nor have suffered much vehicle damage. A true expert will uncover any hidden or subtle injuries that exist.

Once you have been found to be injured, these injuries must be properly documented. By proper, I mean the precise diagnosis codes must be used. The correct number and very specific codes and time frames must be used. Most generalist doctors and even many “experts” do not know how to do this correctly. That could cost you later.

Next you need to begin care and follow your expert doctor’s advice. Proper healing will only occur if you follow his or her treatment protocol. That brings up another point. Your doctor must know the proper treatment to provide. He or she should provide, in a certain sequence, the correct therapies that have been proven to heal whiplash injuries and are acceptable to insurance companies. An auto accident case is no place for a “guru” doctor to provide unusual or controversial care. It must be scientifically sound and legally defensible.

Depending on the scope of your injuries, you may be advised to seek legal counsel right away and/or to possibly see another medical specialist for additional evaluation and/or treatment. This will be apparent within the first weeks of care with your car accident medical expert.

For more detailed information on car accident injuries, what to do after a car accident, and how to find a car accident medical expert near you, take part in this Free Online Car Accident Injury Seminar: Truth About Whiplash.


dr_barry_marks_orange_ca_car-accident-expertDr Barry Marks is a chiropractor, author and lecturer in Orange, CA. He is a former Associate Clinical Professor at a leading Chiropractic College and has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of auto accident injuries since 1986. As an Advanced Graduate of the Spine Research Institutes’s Whiplash Traumatology and Brain Injury Program he is one of Orange County’s most experienced whiplash experts. Visit Dr Marks at

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