Orange County CA Car Accident Seminar Now on CD

Orange County CA Car Accident Seminar Now on CD

truth about whiplash car accident seminar cd

Orange County Ca car accident expert, Dr Barry Marks, DC has released his acclaimed car accident seminar, Truth About Whiplash on CD. “The advantage to this format over the online presentation,” says Dr Marks “is that you can take the information anywhere. You can also share the CD with others that may have had an accident but don’t have internet access or the time to sit in front of a computer.”

The car crash whiplash seminar was designed for auto accident victims and their attorneys to better understand the truth and shed light on the many misconceptions of car accident injuries.  It is crucial information every accident victim must know and is presented by Dr Marks in a very relaxed and easy to understand manner.

Truth About Whiplash car accident seminar topics include:

  • The Truth About Low Speed Auto Accidents
  • One Simple Thing to Avoid Whiplash
  • What To Do When You Know You’re Going To Get Rear Ended
  • What To Do Immediately After an Auto Collision
  • Common Misconceptions About Auto Accidents
  • A Check-up for your doctor
  • And More

An Entire Fully Referenced Car Accident Seminar for only $9?

“I wanted to make this information available to as many people as I could,” states Dr Marks “that’s why I originally put the seminar online for free, but then I started getting calls asking for the information all in one place on a CD. I still wanted to make it highly accessible so I priced it basically at my cost.”

Click Here to buy Truth About Whiplash Seminar on CD now for only $9.


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