Orange County CA Car Accident Update: Low Velocity Whiplash Injury Worse Than a Broken Bone?

Orange County CA Car Accident Update: Low Velocity Whiplash Injury Worse Than a Broken Bone?

In a 2009 study by renowned whiplash researchers Gargan and Bannister accompanied by Amirfeyz and Kelley, 100 references were reviewed on whiplash injuries.

Their most surprising car accident injury findings were:

  • man with neck pain from a car accidentPatients who suffer low-velocity neck injuries often have more pain than those who suffer a fracture
  • Patients who suffer a low-velocity neck injury will have more psychological distress than those who suffer a fracture

Other significant and interesting findings of the car crash study:

  • 90% of all road traffic collisions occur at speeds of less than 14 mph and that it is in these low speed collisions that the majority of injuries occur.
  • Being struck from behind by a larger vehicle causes increased injury
  • Women are twice as likely to be injured than men
  • All live human volunteer rear-end crash tests at collisions of 5 mph have caused neck pain in subjects
  • Whiplash inured patients are 5 times more likely to suffer from chronic neck pain than the non-injured population
  • 53% of injured victims with signs of neck degeneration on x-ray will continue to have pain 2 years after their collision
  • Fewer than 50% of low speed crash victims recovered completely

Low velocity car crashes account for the majority of injuries related to motor vehicle accidents. Injuries sustained in these low speed car accidents are more likely than not to cause injury  that has lasting affects. Doctors treating these patients and lawyers representing these victims need to understand these findings when presented with low speed accident cases.

Bannister GC, Amirfeyz R, Kelley S, Gargan MF, Whiplash Injury. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (British); July 2009, Vol. 91B, No. 7, pp. 845-850.

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