Orange County Car Accident Facts for Auto Accident Victims in Orange, CA

Auto Accident and Car Accident facts by Orange County Car Accident Specialist, Dr Barry L Marks, DC, Orange, CA

whiplash_neck_pain1Here are some interesting auto accident facts gleaned from our friends at Spine Research Institute of San Diego…with commentary

Approx 3 million whiplash injuries occur each year in US
That’s a lot of injuries and when you consider other facts revealed below, you’ll realize just how common it is to become injured and suffer permanent pain and disability, despite the fact that insurance companies attempt to tell victims they are not injured or that auto accidents are not serious.

45% of chronic neck pain sufferers blame past MVC as the cause of their pain
Wow, almost half of all chronic neck pain sufferers attribute a car accident as their source of pain…does that sound like auto accidents are simple, uncomplicated injuries?

Females are twice as likely to suffer whiplash injury than males
The most commonly cited reason for this is neck size. Females, in general, have thinner, weaker necks than their male counterparts and therefore are not as resilient to whiplash forces.

Males and females are equally likely to suffer long term residual pain and/or impairment after a whiplash injury
Interestingly, even though females are more easily injured, once someone is injured it does not matter what their gender, they are just as likely to suffer long term impairment and pain from their car accident.

Approximately 35% of all victims of rear impact motor vehicle collisions become chronically painful
Here’s a powerful statistic that flies in the face of insurance adjusters who often claim whiplash injuries go away with our without treatment in a matter of weeks. Sourced from numerous top flight medical and scientific papers, this fact is very troublesome. When you consider that 3,000,000 injuries occur every year and 35% of them will suffer chronic pain, that means every single year there are 1,050,000 new chronic pain sufferers in the U.S.

These facts clearly point to the fact that whplash injuires are very common, are serious and often lead to long-term pain and impairment. For these reasons it is imperative to get checked by a auto accident medical specialist who understands these facts and can properly manage these complex injuires.

Dr Barry Marks, DC
Car Accident Specialist, Orange, CA

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