Orange County Car Accident Lawyers

Advice on Orange County Car Accident Lawyers by a leading Orange County Car Accident Doctor

Car accident in Orange County CA? Wondering if you need a car accident attorney? Here’s some advice from an Orange CA auto accident doctor and expert with over 25 years experience.

Car crash cases in which a personal injury lawyer is highly recommended:

  • The other driver or insurance company is disputing fault
  • The other insurance company is harassing you or overly aggressive
  • The other insurance company is refusing to repair your car
  • You require to see multiple medical specialists or have an MRI on a lien
  • You’ve suffered more than just a mild strain injury according to your doctor
  • You’ve required hospitalization
  • You’ve suffered a fracture/broken bone or herniated disc

Who pays for your personal injury attorney?

In a typical car crash in which you are not at fault, your lawyer will either file a lawsuit or settle your case out of court. It is out of the settlement from the insurance company that the lawyer’s bill will be paid. For Orange County CA car wreck victims, the legally allowed fee is 33.3% + expenses such as court filing fees. Lawyers represent personal injury cases on a “contingency” basis, which means that¬† if they don’t reach settlement for you, they do not receive payment. You should never pay a personal injury attorney any money up front as a retainer. It is unnecessary. They should work hard to negotiate the maximum car accident settlement possible for you and from that earn a reasonable fee.

Some things to beware of when considering a personal injury lawyer in Orange County:

  • Beware of a lawyer who demands a retainer fee
  • Beware if your lawyer tells you, you must see only their doctor
  • Beware of a lawyer who takes your case but does not return your calls
  • Beware of an attorney with questionable ethics; if they mention cutting corners, lying or cheating, who’s to say they won’t cheat you?
  • Beware of attorneys who “churn”*

Need a recommendation for a good, ethical car accident lawyer in Orange County CA?

  1. Call (714) 938-0575 for a list of recommended Orange County lawyers
  2. Click here to ask an Orange County personal injury lawyer a question

*Car Accident Churning is the act of taking on many clients, paying little to no attention to them, sending them to medical clinics who provide inadequate impersonal treatment, and then negotiating a low settlement, taking their cut and moving on to the next case. Churning is bad because it is based on each case being the same regardless of severity. The attorney does not place the client with the best doctor, but any doctor who is willing to build up a bill to a pre-set amount without concern for the patient. The settlement arrived at is usually far below the average for similar cases with hard working, ethical personal injury lawyers and doctors.

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