Car Accident Insurance Information – Are You Covered?

Car Accident Insurance – Are You Covered?

car accident insurance informationIf you’ve suffered a car accident and need medical treatment, where do you turn? You have car insurance, will that cover you or should you go through the responsible party’s insurance?

These are a couple of the more common questions people face when they’ve been injured in a car accident.

You should know that the person that hit you, in most states must have car insurance. The problem is, their car insurance will cover medical costs, car damage and other damages, but they will only pay for these things after your treatment has been completed.

That means you could have to worry about medical bills for months!

Read more about how to get your car accident injuries treated and more car accident insurance information here


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Car Accident Neck Pain Treatment

Car Accident Neck Pain Treatment

car accident neck pain treatmentNeck pain from a car accident can be a very painful experience.

A whiplash injury causes your muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs and nerves to be stretched and injured. This results in swelling and inflammation that causes neck stiffness and soreness.

Your neck joints often become misaligned and stuck causing sharp pains on movement.

Nerve irritation may also be caused by stretching of the nerves as they exit the spine. This will cause you to feel shooting pains down your arms or the sensation of your arms or hands falling asleep or tingling.

Treatment of neck pain from a car accident should be initiated right away. Delaying treatment only solidifies muscle spasm and scar formation in the muscles and around the joints, which can cause permanent pain and stiffness. Goals of treatment are to reduce spasm and inflammation (which relieves neck pain), increase motion, restore normal inter-joint mechanics and strengthen the spine.

Chiropractors specifically trained in car accident injuries are your best bet to relieve your pain quickly and return to a normal, healthy life.

To learn more about neck pain treatment visit Neck Pain Treatment Orange County CA You’ll learn the common causes of neck pain, best treatments and information about the safety of chiropractic neck treatments that might shock you.

Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor, Whiplash & Brain Injury expert



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Car Accident Seminar Now on CD; Truth About Whiplash

Car Accident Seminar Now on CD;
Truth About Whiplash by Dr Barry Marks, DC

truth about whiplash seminar on cd

Learn the truth about car accident whiplash injuries. Facts every car accident victim needs to know now. Facts the insurance companies and their lawyers do not want you to know.

Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor and whiplash injury expert reveals the cold hard facts behind these common injuries and the tactics used to intimidate victims.

For information in car accident treatment in Orange County or need assistance or advice, go to Dr Marks’ site Orange Car Accident

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Lumbar Disc Herniation Bulging Disc from Car Accidents

Lumbar Disc Herniation Bulging Disc from Car Accidents

back pain disc herniation car accident

Most people equate car accident whiplash injuries with neck pain, but did you know that approximately half of all rear impact car crashes results in lower back injuries?

The neck is more easily injured because it is less protected. Your head is essentially balancing on your neck and has no support whatsoever, save for your neck muscles. The torso and lower back are more protected as they are usually resting against the seat. Therefore, there is less potential for it to be strained on impact. But, your lower back CAN be injured and often is.

Factors increasing chance of lower back injury in car accidents:

  • Large striking vehicle
  • Fast striking vehicle
  • Seat back breaks on impact
  • Sitting away from the back of seat/leaning forward
  • Sitting at an angle in seat
  • Submarine collision: striking vehicle goes under yours causing your car to pop upwards
  • Pre-existing disc or back problems
  • Age: the older you are the more likely your low back will be injured

Often times a lower back injury will show up more slowly than a neck injury. The longer the delay in onset of back pain may often indicate a disc injury such as disc herniation or bulging disc as these conditions can appear like a slowly leaking tire. With a slow and gradual onset until your back becomes very painful days, weeks or months alter.

If you’ve suffered a car accident and have had a delayed onset of back pain, bring it to the attention of your car accident doctor immediately.

Many people will pass off the new pain as just an ache or stiffness because they’ve slept wrong or exerted themselves, but this can delay much needed treatment. Your doctor needs to evaluate your lower back pain and see if it is related to your auto accident. If it is, it needs to be documented properly to include in your list of injuries.

Diagnosing lower back pain, disc herniation after a car accident:

  • Physical examination
  • X-rays
  • MRI

 Treatments for car accident disc herniation:

Non-surgical spinal disc decompression under the direction of a spinal decompression doctor who also specializes in car accident treatment. This treatment can repair your damaged discs, relieve your lower back pain and prevent the need for surgery.

Lumbar Disc Herniation Bulging Disc from Car Accidents

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What to Do After a Car Accident in Orange County

What to Do After a Car Accident in Orange County

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, and it’s your first time, you may be confused about what to do after a car accident.

what to do after a car accidentMost people have no idea what the proper car accident process is. Making sure you know the proper procedures after an auto accident will make your case go much more smoothly and avoid unnecessary stress and aggravation later.

In general, a car accident is what is legally known as a personal injury case. It is a situation where another party has caused damage to another party’s property (car) and/or their body.

As an injured party, you are entitled under the law to recover payments to cover:

  • Your property damage (car and any contents that may have been damaged)
  • Your medical expenses (hospital, chiropractor, medical doctor, therapist, prescriptions, over the counter medication, braces, supports, etc)
  • Your loss of income (missed days or hours because of the injury, taking time off to see doctors for the injury, etc)
  • Your loss of your ability to engage in or enjoy ordinary daily activities at home (recreation, child care, hobbies, self care, travel, etc) and/or at work (sit, stand or walk, type, lift, bend, etc)
  • Your future medical needs if you suffer a permanent injury that requires long-term care
  • Your loss of future earnings if you suffer a permanent injury that prevents you from doing the same type of work as you did before

So what is the proper car accident procedure? Read on here for a Step-by-Step guide: What to do after a car accident in Orange County


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Muscle Relaxants, Pain Medications, and NSAIDs Good in Whiplash?

Major Study Questions the Use of Muscle Relaxants, Pain Medications, and NSAIDs in Whiplash
muscle relaxants pain medications good in car accident?

A scientific review published recently (Chochrane Database Syst Rev, July 2007) casts doubt on many common whiplash treatments. Despite billions spent on scientific research each year, it is surprising that many common treatments lack valid scientific evidence for safety and effectiveness. As studies accumulate in libraries, some groups take an interest in figuring out the data landscape and what it all means for doctors, and more importantly, the patients they serve.

Researchers from the Chochrane group did just that, and retrieved studies that took place over the past two decades. They specifically looked at medical treatments in whiplash and other mechanical neck disorders. It was all a bit of a disappointment because of surprisingly few studies, and when they were actually conducted, were of very limited quality-meaning it was hard to reach conclusions. An area of evidence that was especially weak, was studies of muscle relaxants (these relax muscles), analgesics (these block pain signals), and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs/NSAIDs (these reduce inflammation). The authors concluded that their benefits are not proven in solid scientific studies and that any potential benefits are “unclear.”

Of course this report received little media attention, and we continue to see advertisements on TV and in print that tell patients to go for a pill to help their mechanical neck pain or whiplash. Rarely are viable options such as conservative chiropractic care discussed. Most patients who get whiplash injuries follow the medical approach of drugs and sometimes even surgery.

Perhaps you may want to consider a mechanical approach for a mechanical problem such as whiplash. Or maybe you’ve had some doubts about consuming many medications over several months or even years. When consumed over long periods of time, NSAIDs in particular can lead to stomach bleeding and other complications such as liver and kidney problems. Although an ad on television may state that, “simple blood tests are needed to check for liver problems,” liver problems such as liver failure, are anything but simple.

And of course just simply blocking pain signals is unlikely to get at the cause of your pain, which is usually a sprain of the small joints of the spine.

For more information on medications as they relate to neck pain and whiplash see our previous post:

We understand this and offer a more natural solution for assisting patients who have suffered a whiplash injury.


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Torticollis Neck Pain and Whiplash

Torticollis Neck Pain and Whiplash

torticollis neck pain from car accident

Torticollis is a condition where a joint or disk is injured and you can’t move your neck.

Sometimes the head is bent or turned a little to one side. And sometimes you’re straight but can barely move in any direction. This type of problem is usually caused by a disk injury. Whiplash can cause this condition or it can come on by sleeping in an awkward way.

The spine is meant to move a lot, especially the neck. This is so we can quickly look around, above, and below. When the spine cannot be moved without intense pain, it’s a sign of both a joint and nerve problem. The nerve may be pinched or compressed, stretched, or irritated by chemicals from inflammation/swelling. To protect the nerve, the body puts a splint on it with muscle spasm. This keeps you from moving your head.

If the joint injury is reduced, by aligning the bones of the spine, the healing and scar tissue will stabilize the area in alignment. If the joint is left out of alignment or is hypermobile, this can lead to future degeneration. To get the joint moving and functioning normally again, you need to have motion through the joint adjustment, and exercises to keep activated. One study showed that patients who wear foam collars after whiplash, do worse than patients who were actively mobilized without collars. It may at first seem counter intuitive to move when pain is there, but it’s all about moving within your pain tolerances. Usually small motions are still preserved. Instead many patients wear collars or do not move their neck enough. This causes the muscles to become more inflexible and contracted. Overtime it can lead to substantial weakness and even atrophy (wasting away).

So even in the early stages of a whiplash, when the neck can barely move at all, small movements that are not painful are encouraged. The specific adjustment will reduce the irritation to the nerve that is signaling the muscles to spasm. Once the nerve is freed, then the muscle will usually release. Greater ranges of movement will follow as the body allows. This should not be hurried because the nerve and disk is at risk for re-injury in the very early stages of healing.

Medications and surgery will not correct the alignment of the spine.

When the joint is sprained, it needs to be re-aligned to reduce the tension on the ligaments and disk. We can guide you through this process so the range of motion returns quickly.

For more information about whiplash from a car accident go to

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Long-Term Results For Car Accident Neck Injury

Long-Term Results For Car Accident Neck Injury

car accident neck and shoulder pain

A neck injury such as a pulled muscle or a “knot” in the muscle is something we’ve all experienced. These little aches and pains usually go away on their own, or with a little massage from a loved one. But sometimes the neck injury is more substantial, such as in a whiplash or sports injury. In these cases, the ligaments such as the disk can be injured, and the nerves can be inflamed and irritated as well.

The long-term course for neck pain is not good. Patients continue to suffer years later. One study looked at outcomes after five years and found that about 50% of patients continued to have pain and disability.

When the ligaments and muscles of the cervical spine are injured, the patient may guard their movements and not use certain muscles. This can lead to muscle weakness over time. As the neck muscles go, so goes the rest of the spine, or at least that’s what recent research shows. The investigators looked at a specific exercise that used the core trunk muscles. They followed the neck pain patients for two years and found that those with neck pain tended to get trunk muscle dysfunction, and eventually low back pain.

Following traumatic injuries to the neck, it is important to have a proper examination including x-ray. Getting an accurate diagnosis is the first step to getting you the treatment you need.

One study has shown that early intervention (within 4 days) in whiplash injury gave patients more relief, when compared to delayed (14 days) treatment.

As discussed above, many patients become chronic and have long-term pain after neck injuries. Others will develop secondary low back pain two years down the road. Because of these long-term effects, it is important to treat neck injuries in a serious manner. Ice will usually not be sufficient. These mechanical types of problems are also not correctable through medications and neck collars.

Specific chiropractic care following sprains to the neck may move the joints into better alignment and ease tension on the tissues.

Mobility disorders such as limited range can also be improved with specific adjustments. As the joints begin to move more normally, exercises can be added to improve strength and range of motion. By treating neck problems appropriately and early on, the patient will be afforded the best chance for long-term success.

Read more about car accident neck injury treatment at

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Best Car Accident Medical Treatment Orange County CA

Best Car Accident Medical Treatment Orange County CA

Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor
Car Accident Treatment Expert
Serving All of Orange County Since 1986
(714) 938-0575

Best Car Accident Medical Treatment Orange County CA

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Orange County Auto Insurance Deception on the Rise

Orange County Auto Insurance Deception on the Rise

car accident treatment orange county

Injured in a car accident in Orange County? Think your auto insurance company is going to help you?

Think again.

A recent trend has developed in which auto insurers have become increasingly aggressive in trying to minimize or curtail car crash victims claims.  Before you think we are talking about the other guys insurance… You know the person that rear ended you? their insurance?

We are talking about your very own car insurance company.

The insurance you send your costly premiums to each and every month without fail for fear of losing coverage…. The insurance company that lets you name your own rates, has you in their good hands, was founded on insuring America’s farmers, etc… are making deceptive statements (lies) to their insureds in order to minimize their workload and lower costs presumably to reap even higher profits at your expense.

Back prior to 1988, an auto insurer could raise your rates for any reason they wanted. If you had an accident that was your fault, your rates woudl go up. If the accident was not your fault, your rates went up. If you lived on the wrong side of the street, your rates went up. California car insurance consumers eventually got fed up and passed Proposition 103. Prop 103 basically prevented insurers from raising rates in a willy nilly fashion. It prevented insurance companies from raising your rates or cancelling your coverage if you were in an accident that was not your fault or for not having an insurance [policy in the past. It also caused insurers to roll back their rates since they jacked them up in response to the state making auto insurance mandatory before licensing a car.

How are car insurance companies deceiving Orange County car accident victims today?

Here are examples that we are seeing from all major auto insurance companies in California:

  • Telling policy holders that their insurance will go up if they file a claim with their own insurance in an accident that is not their fault (a direct violation of Prop 103)
  • Telling insurers they have a large deductible to pay if they use their own insurance for medical benefits (very few medical payments policies have a deductible and if they do you need to change your insurance right away because it’s a sign of a dishonest auto insurance policy)
  • Telling policy holders if they report an accident not their fault it will count against them on their driving record
  • Telling policy holders you’re not supposed to use your own insurance when another driver is at fault and that you must use the other person’s insurance for repairs and medical treatment
  • Telling policy holders they must be seen by an insurance company selected physician and not a doctor of their choosing for treatment of car accident injuries

These are all patently false statements, lies if you will, and only the most recent examples of how California Auto Insurance companies are trying to dissuade policy holders from using their car insurance in order to minimize claims.

The problem is, these tactics work. Policy holders are afraid of being cancelled or having their rates increased. They have no idea that laws exist to protect them so they cower and allow the insurance companies to dictate to them how a claim is handled.

If you’re not going to use your insurance when you’re in an accident then what are you paying for each month?

When you’ve been hurt in a car accident, your own insurance company is supposed to assist you. You’ve paid them for months and years so that just in case you are involved in a crash, you will not have the financial burden of going it alone.  You have the right to use your policy to the limits.

Don’t be intimidated.

If your own insurance company is lying to you, let them know you are educated and know your rights and you choose to exercise your rights to sue your policy. If they do threaten you or raise your rates or cancel you, then you may have a very good case against them for “bad faith.” If you feel you’re being taken advantage of, let us know, our Legal Concierge can assist you with any questions.

Beware of another way in which insurance companies are trying to raise your rates: NO on Prop 17.

Mercury Insurance Group is pouring millions of dollars into Prop 17 to allow car insurance carriers to charge a surcharge to anyone who previously was uninsured for a period of time. That means if you are in the military and decide to cancel your policy for the months you are away, when you return you will pay a penalty of about $1,000 each year in higher rates. What if you go away to college and do not operate  car in California, then return? When you get a new policy you will pay an extra $1,000 per year. Policy lapses due to a missed payment or financial distress? Your next policy will cost you $1,000 more per year.

Prop 17 Headlines:

Mercury Insurance asks judge to allow them to hide language of Prop 17 in ballot pamphlet. Mercury wants to conceal rate increases, but judge says no.

In testimony, Mercury Agents tells of discriminating against “foreign names,” women married to younger men, and even diabetics.




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