Car Accident Whiplash Facts

Car Accident Whiplash Facts

car accident whiplash facts

Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Whiplash Expert Orange, CA

In car accident whiplash research, many articles have been published that conflict or contradict each other. The goal of this Health Update is to report the “facts” about whiplash.

Car Accident Whiplash Facts

  • It is more common to have a delay in the onset of whiplash symptoms. Symptoms may start about two hours after the initial injury or it may take days, weeks, or months before you feel anything.
  • For whiplash caused by car accidents, the severity depends on the force of the impact, the way you were seated in your car, and if you were properly restrained using a shoulder and seat belt.
  • Tests show the soft tissues in your neck sustain injury at a threshold of 5 mph. That means if you’re rear-ended at 5 mph or slower, you have a lower chance of getting whiplash. However, most rear-end car accidents happen at speeds of 6-12 mph.
  • If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s a good idea to be evaluated even if your car didn’t get damaged and you don’t feel any pain.
  • Although whiplash is most often associated with car accidents, you can also get whiplash from sports such as snowboarding, boxing, football and gymnastics.
  • The concept of “no car damage = no injury” is COMPLETELY false. Most cars can withstand collisions of up to 10 MPH and as pointed out above, only in collisions < 5 MPH are you less likely to be injured. Collisions that occur between 6-12 MPH cause the highest percentage of whiplash injuries (which is below the threshold of car damage in most cases). Also, the energy of the impact is transferred to the contents inside the car when there is no vehicular damage (that means you).
  • Mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) can occur in motor vehicle collisions even if the head does not hit an object inside the car, although it’s more common when there is a head strike. The symptoms associated with MTBI are often referred to as “Post Concussive Syndrome.”* Approximately 10% of whiplash injured patients become totally disabled.
  • Of the studies published since 1995, over 60% of whiplash patients required long-term medical care.
  • Risk factors for long-term symptoms associated with WAD include: rear impacts, loss of the cervical lordosis curve, pre-existing degenerative arthritis, use of seat belts & shoulder harness (low speed impacts only), poor head restraint position or shape, non-awareness of the impending collision, female (especially long slender neck), head rotation at impact.

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Remember Our Troops on Thanksgiving from Orange County CA Car Accident

Please Remember Our Troops All Over the World on Thanksgiving. Give Thanks for Our Nation’s Finest.

thanksgiving in afghanistan

Thanksgiving in Afghanistan

Blessings from Orange County CA Car Accident Doctor Barry Marks Chiropractor Orange CA





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Car Accidents and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI)

Car Accidents and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI)

car accident mild traumatic brain injury

When you woke up today, you thought this was like any other Friday. You’re on your way to work, and traffic is flowing smoother than normal.  Suddenly, someone crashes into the back end of your car and you feel your head extend back over the headrest and then rebound forwards, almost hitting the steering with your forehead. It all happened so fast. After a few minutes, you notice your neck and head starting to hurt in a way you’ve not previously felt.   When the police arrive and start asking questions about what had happened, you try to piece together what happened but you’re not quite sure of the sequence of events.  Your memory just isn’t that clear. Within the first few days, in addition to significant neck and headache pain, you notice your memory seems fuzzy, and you easily lose your train of thought. Everything seems like an effort and you notice you’re quite irritable. When your chiropractor asks you if you’ve felt any of these symptoms, you look at them and say, “…how did you know? I just thought I was having a bad day – I didn’t know whiplash could cause these symptoms!”

Because these symptoms are often subtle and non-specific, it’s quite normal for patients not to complain about them. In fact, we almost always have to describe the symptoms and ask if any of these symptoms “sound familiar” to the patient.

As pointed out above, patients with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) don’t mention any of the previously described symptoms and in fact, may be embarrassed to discuss these symptoms with their chiropractor or physician when they first present after a car crash.  This is because the symptoms are vague and hard to describe and, many feel the symptoms are caused by simply being tired or perhaps upset about the accident.  When directly asked if any of these symptoms exist, the patient is often surprised there is an actual reason for feeling this way.

The cause of MTBI is due to the brain actually bouncing or rebounding off the inner walls of the bony skull during the “whiplash” process, when the head is forced back and forth after the impact. During that process, the brain which is suspended inside our skull, is forced forwards and literally ricochets off the skull and damages some of the nerve cells most commonly of either the brain stem (the part connected to the spinal cord), the frontal lobe (the part behind the forehead) and/or the temporal lobe (the part of the brain located on the side of the head). Depending on the direction and degree of force generated by the collision (front end, side impact or rear end collision), the area of the brain that may be damaged varies as it could be the area closest to initial impact or, the area on the opposite side, due to the rebound effect. Depending on which part of the brain is injured, the physical findings may include problems with walking, balance, coordination, strength/endurance, as well as difficulties with communicating (“cognitive deficits”), processing information, memory, and altered psychological functions.

The good news is that most of these injuries will recover within 3-12 months but unfortunately, not all do and in these cases, the term, “post-concussive syndrome” is sometimes used.

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Need Car Accident Doctor near Newport Beach CA, Irvine CA?

Need Car Accident Doctor near Newport Beach CA, Irvine CA?

newport beach ca car accident medical treatment

Newport Beach Ca Car Accident? Are You Making This HUGE mistake?

“If you’ve suffered a car accident and are in the Newport Beach, Costa Mesa or Irvine CA areas, do not make your auto accident treatment decision based on geography.”

Sure the chiropractor down the street or in your office building is convenient. For a simple back or neck adjustment they’re just fine, but for a car accident injury, you really do need a specialist. Car accident doctor’s specializing in personal injury cases know the how to find all of your injuries, even the hidden ones most doctors fail to uncover and document them properly. A car accident specialist also knows the best, most effective treatment protocols for your particular type of injury. Like people, not all auto accident injuries are the same. And your car crash expert knows the ins and outs of insurance, law, etc required to successfully navigate a personal injury settlement.

The problem with using a general doctor or chiropractor for your car accident case is that you won’t know he or she was not the right person to treat you until it’s too late and your case is done. That’s the wrong time to find out and results in poor or inadequate treatment and less than fair settlements.

When deciding on a car accident doctor look for these things:

  • What is their training?
  • Do they have lots of hours in car accident specific seminars?
  • Have they authored any works in the personal injury, whiplash, car accident field?
  • Are they active in the personal injury scene? (Hint Google “car accident doctor” or “car accident treatment”)

Consider these important car accident doctor qualifications and you will soon realize that geography is not an important matter. Driving an extra 10 minutes to see a true car accident specialist will reap many benefits.

  • Better, more focused treatment
  • Proper documentation of your case
  • Expert letters and reports that are in the insurance and legal community’s language
  • Advice on insurance and legal matters
  • A more fair personal injury settlement
  • Less stress and aggravation because everything is taken care of for you

Read more about Car Accident Doctor near Newport Beach CA here:

Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Orange County CA Car Accident expert

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Orange County CA Car Accident Seminar Now on CD

Orange County CA Car Accident Seminar Now on CD

truth about whiplash car accident seminar cd

Orange County Ca car accident expert, Dr Barry Marks, DC has released his acclaimed car accident seminar, Truth About Whiplash on CD. “The advantage to this format over the online presentation,” says Dr Marks “is that you can take the information anywhere. You can also share the CD with others that may have had an accident but don’t have internet access or the time to sit in front of a computer.”

The car crash whiplash seminar was designed for auto accident victims and their attorneys to better understand the truth and shed light on the many misconceptions of car accident injuries.  It is crucial information every accident victim must know and is presented by Dr Marks in a very relaxed and easy to understand manner.

Truth About Whiplash car accident seminar topics include:

  • The Truth About Low Speed Auto Accidents
  • One Simple Thing to Avoid Whiplash
  • What To Do When You Know You’re Going To Get Rear Ended
  • What To Do Immediately After an Auto Collision
  • Common Misconceptions About Auto Accidents
  • A Check-up for your doctor
  • And More

An Entire Fully Referenced Car Accident Seminar for only $9?

“I wanted to make this information available to as many people as I could,” states Dr Marks “that’s why I originally put the seminar online for free, but then I started getting calls asking for the information all in one place on a CD. I still wanted to make it highly accessible so I priced it basically at my cost.”

Click Here to buy Truth About Whiplash Seminar on CD now for only $9.


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Car Accident Whiplash Treatment: Why Drugs Are NOT the Answer

Car Accident Whiplash Treatment: Why Drugs Are NOT the Answer

car accident neck pain medicationsBeen in a car accident recently? If you  went to the Emergency Room (ER) or visited your primary medical doctor afterwards, it is almost a certainty you were prescribed between 1 and 4 drugs. This article will try to explain why this is a mistake and why you should seriously consider altering your car accident treatment.

Medical doctors commonly prescribe a variety of medications to their auto accident patients in the belief they will help the victim recover.

Most commonly prescribed drugs for car accidents:

  • Opioid Narcotic Painkillers (analgesic): oxycodone, codeine, and fentanyl
  • Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID’s): aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen
  • Muscle relaxant: Soma, Flexeril
  • Tranquilizer drugs: Valium, Xanax, Serax, Ativan

There are a few reasons why this practice of dispensing drugs for car accidents is not medically sound:

  • Medications have not been shown in the scientific literature to be effective for treating car accident injuries.
  • Opioids are very strong and extremely addictive; given that most car accident pain is moderate in nature, it is overkill to use such powerful drugs with the inherent risks of painkillers
  • Even strong narcotic pain relievers and muscle relaxants, in many cases, cannot eliminate car accident pain unless the dosage is quite high at which point you are completely unable to function
  • Tranquilizers in combination with narcotic painkillers causes severe mental impairment

Some car crash victims are in moderate to severe pain and may need a medication to reduce their pain enough to perform daily activities, attend therapy for their injuries or to sleep.  In these cases, an anti-inflammatory may be effective to control pain for a short period of time; about 2 weeks then discontinued.

Car accident pain relief methods that have been proven to work:

  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Ice packs
  • Hot packs
  • Stretching exercises

A car accident chiropractor specialist will employ an arsenal of pain relieving treatments and modalities to help you achieve pain control without side effects or risk of addiction. If you require pain medication while undergoing care, your chiropractor will be able to refer you to a medical specialist who will help you.

Chiropractic treatment of whiplash has been heavily researched and found to be the most effective form of care. In fact, studies by Woodward, Cook, Gargan and Bannister (1) found that 93% of whiplash patients improved with chiropractic treatment.

The key to pain management is to address the underlying reason for pain. New studies indicate that the muscles may not be the main culprit behind moderate and severe neck pain after a car accident. It’s been shown that the main cause of the pain is the joint receptors and ligaments in the neck signalling pain. By restoring normal joint function through chiropractic manipulative therapy (adjustments), the cause is being corrected and the pain subsides much quicker. Patients who undergo physical therapy and or medications only have more persistent pain, pain management is poor and long term pain and impairment is more likely.

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(1) Woodward MN, Cook JCH, Gargan MF, Bannister GC. Chiropractic treatment of chronic ‘whiplash’ injuries. Injury: International Journal of the Care of the Injured 1996;27(9):643-645



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Orange County CA Car Accident Personal Injury Pain and Suffering

Orange County CA Car Accident Personal Injury Pain and Suffering

Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Car Accident Expert, Orange CA

personal injury pain and suffering image

You suffered a car accident. The guy in the pick up behind you wasn’t paying attention in stop and go traffic on the 5 freeway and you got tagged from behind. Your car suffered a couple of thousand dollars worth of damage and your neck and back were injured. You were fortunate that a friend recommended a good car accident expert doctor in Orange County and your injuries pretty much resolved.

After 3 months of car accident chiropractic treatment, you’re ready to settle. You’ve decided to try to settle on your own because you recall the last time you had an accident and hired a lawyer, he and his doctor made out just fine but you were left with nearly no settlement and it took months and months.

You’ve researched online and found that you need to write a demand letter to the insurance company and request a personal injury settlement. The”hard” costs you understand: your doctor’s bill, 2 days off of work because you were in too much pain and a laptop that was on the seat was broken. Your car was already fixed and you signed off on that already. Your problem is, you have no idea how much much to ask for in “personal injury pain and suffering.”

Personal injury pain and suffering is an amount that has no fixed amount. It is supposed to compensate you for the period of time you were in pain and could not enjoy your normal home and work life. You couldn’t do laundry without a lot of pain. You worked but everyday your shoulders and neck burned. You had to give up your position on the company softball team. These are all real losses, but how do you quantify them?

A common manner in which a personal injury lawyer will make a demand for pain and suffering is to multiply the cost of your medical treatments by a number ranging from 1 to 5. The number you choose depends on how affected you were by the pain.

Let’s say for 1 month you could not work at all, for 6 months you were unable to do anything but very light activity and had to take over the counter pain relievers all during that time.  That would warrant a higher number say a 4.

On the other hand if you had pain that was present but tolerable and did not impact your daily life much after about 2 months, that number would be more like a 1.

Remember this is all negotiated and there are no hard and fast rules, so be as accurate as possible and pick your multiplier. Overreaching will only sour the negotiations. Most common car accidents with treatment periods of 2 to 4 months will use multipliers of 1-2, 6months of treatment and significant alterations in daily activities are 3’s . Prolonged treatment 6 months to 2 years, large medical bills, hospitalizations, visible scars, prolonged periods off of work will be 4-5.

After you’ve arrived at your number and made your demand, be reasonable in your negotiations. A car accident is not hitting the lottery. Personal Injury cases in Orange County CA can yield fair settlements, but it is an uphill battle. If the insurance company is not being reasonable and you cannot reach a fair personal injury settlement, then you should consider talking to an Orange County CA Personal Injury Lawyer who may be able to pick up where you left off and get you the settlement you deserve.

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Car Crash Accident Orange County California

Car Crash Accident Orange County California

car accident treatment orange county

Suffered a car crash accident in Orange County California?

You’re not alone.  Orange County’s freeways and side streets are host to numerous car crashes each and every day. Most collisions are rear impact accidents at relatively slow speeds that cause minor to moderate vehicle damage.

What may surprise you about these car crash accidents is that it is precisely the low speed collisions that cause the most neck injuries.  It may not seem to make sense at first, but when you understand how collisions occur and what happens to your vehicle and your body during a crash, then it becomes quite clear.

A car accident involves two vehicles colliding and giving off energy. The energy is dissipated as sound, breaking of plastic, deforming of metal, etc.  When a car is crashed with enough force, the bumper deforms and metal is crushed, which bleeds off a lot of energy. By the time the left over energy is translated through the vehicle chassis and into your seat, it may not be enough to do much damage to your body.

In a low speed car crash however, the energy may be below the threshold required to deform the bumper or crumple the metal body parts and instead travels through the car chassis and into your body. Because there has been less bleed off of energy, your body may be subjected to more force than in a heavier crash.

Researchers found that the majority of injury accidents occur in vehicle collisions of around 14 mph. It has also been confirmed through numerous scientific and medical studies that many modern day cars can be repeatedly crashed at 20 mph and show no visible signs of damage. Therefore a surprising fact about Orange County California car crashes is that there may be very little vehicle damage and yet the occupants can suffer painful injuries.

Now this does not mean you are not likely to be injured in a car crash with severe vehicle damage  or that it’s guaranteed you will be hurt in a slow speed one. There are many factors that come into play in determining whether or not you will suffer any injuries. Things like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Position in car (torso straight versus turned, head straight versus turned, etc)
  • Position of head restraint (>2 inches from the back of your head increases risk)
  • Prior injuries
  • Arthritic spine
  • Size of vehicles
  • Speed of vehicles
  • Bumpers matching or over riding
  • Wet or dry pavement
  • Surprised by impact

More from Car Crash Accident Expert Orange County California Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Orange CA go to


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Orange County CA Car Accident Update: Low Velocity Whiplash Injury Worse Than a Broken Bone?

Orange County CA Car Accident Update: Low Velocity Whiplash Injury Worse Than a Broken Bone?

In a 2009 study by renowned whiplash researchers Gargan and Bannister accompanied by Amirfeyz and Kelley, 100 references were reviewed on whiplash injuries.

Their most surprising car accident injury findings were:

  • man with neck pain from a car accidentPatients who suffer low-velocity neck injuries often have more pain than those who suffer a fracture
  • Patients who suffer a low-velocity neck injury will have more psychological distress than those who suffer a fracture

Other significant and interesting findings of the car crash study:

  • 90% of all road traffic collisions occur at speeds of less than 14 mph and that it is in these low speed collisions that the majority of injuries occur.
  • Being struck from behind by a larger vehicle causes increased injury
  • Women are twice as likely to be injured than men
  • All live human volunteer rear-end crash tests at collisions of 5 mph have caused neck pain in subjects
  • Whiplash inured patients are 5 times more likely to suffer from chronic neck pain than the non-injured population
  • 53% of injured victims with signs of neck degeneration on x-ray will continue to have pain 2 years after their collision
  • Fewer than 50% of low speed crash victims recovered completely

Low velocity car crashes account for the majority of injuries related to motor vehicle accidents. Injuries sustained in these low speed car accidents are more likely than not to cause injury  that has lasting affects. Doctors treating these patients and lawyers representing these victims need to understand these findings when presented with low speed accident cases.

Bannister GC, Amirfeyz R, Kelley S, Gargan MF, Whiplash Injury. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (British); July 2009, Vol. 91B, No. 7, pp. 845-850.

Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Orange, CA
Orange County Ca Car Accident Expert
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Orange County Ca Car Accident Update: Prognostic Indicators of Whiplash Injuries

Orange County Ca Car Accident Update: Prognostic Indicators of Whiplash Injuries

Dr Barry Marks, DC
Orange CA Car Accident Expert

A worsened prognosis for those suffering soft tissue neck inquires after a motor vehicle collision can be expected when the patient presents with:

  • neck pain in woman from car accidentRestriction of neck movement after the collision
  • Radiographically proven degenerative disc disease and/or degenerative joint disease (spondylosis)
  • Neurologic signs (radiating or referred pain, numbness/paresthesias, motor weakness, diminished reflexes, altered sensation)
  • Female patient (twice as prone to chronic pain than males)

Doctors treating whiplash victims need to be aware of these prognostic indicators in order to properly care for their injured patients and to provide realistic advice on expected outcomes.

From their previous studies, Gargan and Bannister showed that only about 12% of whiplash induced neck injuries will completely recover and a significant percentage of patients will suffer chronic disabling pain.

Bannister GC, Amirfeyz R, Kelley S, Gargan MF, Whiplash Injury. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (British); July 2009, Vol. 91B, No. 7, pp. 845-850.

Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Orange, CA
Orange County Ca Car Accident Expert
1745 W Orangewood Ave #114, Orange, CA 92868
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