Long Term Prognosis of Soft Tissue Injuries of the Neck from Car Accidents

Long Term Prognosis of Soft Tissue Injuries of the Neck from Car Accidents

Dr Barry Marks, DC
Orange CA Car Accident Injury Specialist

Gargan and Bannister are two British medical physicians specializing in orthopedic surgery who have researched and written extensively on whiplash type injuries and the after effects of these injuries.

car accident neck pain
In a 1990 study of 43 patients who had sustained soft tissue neck injuries from car accidents and were being followed up on over 10 years later. The results showed:

  • 12% were free of any discomfort and considered themselves to be completely recovered from their injuries.
  • 48% suffered mild symptoms, which did not interfere with their work or personal activities of daily living.
  • 28% complained of symptoms that impacted their ability to work and enjoy personal activities that caused them to seek relief by frequent intermittent analgesics, orthoses and/or physical therapy treatments.
  • 12% complained of severe problems, were unable to work, and relied on constant use of analgesic, orthoses and had sought out repeated medical consults.
  • According to this study, 40% of whiplash injured victims suffered continued significant pain and disability more than 10 years after their accident. More shocking is the fact that only 12% completely recovered.

Other kernels of information from this car accident injury study:

  • 35% of motor vehicle collision injured patients suffered a delay in symptoms; their symptoms did not begin immediately, but rather developed over time.
  • Seat belts do not protect occupants from whiplash injuries
  • 2 years post accident seems to be the window of recovery. After 2 years, no further improvement is expected to occur.
  • Patients presenting with medically observed neurologic signs and restrictions in neck mobility were more likely to have chronic symptoms and disability.

This study is at direct odds with the assertion of many auto insurance adjusters who claim that “…most whiplash injuries tend to resolve on their own within a few weeks…” There has never been a peer reviewed, scientific study supporting this claim, but this study by Gargan and Bannister proves the opposite.

Gargan MF, Bannister GC, Long Term Prognosis of Soft Tissue Injuries of the Neck. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (British); Vol. 72-B, No. 5, September 1990, pp. 901-3.

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Orange County CA Car Accident Doctor Barry Marks

Orange County CA Car Accident Doctor Barry Marks, Chiropractor Car Accident Specialist Orange, CA

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Different Car Accident Doctors and Different Approaches to Whiplash Care

Orange County CA Car Accident Update:

Different Car Accident Doctors and Different Approaches to Whiplash Care

Whiplash injuries are a significant public health problem. Not only do they cause significant pain and time off from work and leisure activities, there is also a general effect on quality of life. A study in the European Spine Journal compared female patients with whiplash of the neck to patients with low back pain and another group with rheumatoid arthritis.

The researchers looked at pain levels (how high or low) and how quality of life was affected. In the whiplash group, the pain levels were the highest. Overall health status was also more affected in the whiplash group, with changes mostly in social issues, vitality, emotional, and mental well being.

A study in the journal Spine looked at how medical and chiropractic doctors differed in their approach to patients with whiplash. Medical doctors were more likely to have negative feelings about treating patients who have whiplash. They were also more likely to believe that there was nothing physically wrong with many patients with chronic whiplash. In terms of treatment, most medical doctors believed that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs  (NSAIDs) and muscle relaxants were effective in acute whiplash.

This is despite the significant scientific evidence of problems of safety with long -term consumption of NSAIDs (e.g. stomach bleeding). In addition to questions of safety, there is virtually no evidence that these types of medications actually improve patients’ pain or overall quality of life.

The chiropractic approach to whiplash is much different from that of medical doctors. First, there is a general acceptance that the injuries are real and are not made-up by the patient. Biomechanical study of car accidents confirms the injuries are real and mostly consist of sprain and subluxation of the joints of the neck.  The spinal ligaments, muscles and disks are all affected in whiplash injury. When trauma to these tissues occurs, the sensitive nerves that go between these structures are also irritated, resulting in pain and changes in balance (e.g. dizziness, and position sense). Over time, the patient may have significant effects on their quality of life.

One study of chiropractic care in the journal Injury looked at the results in patients with chronic (i.e., long-term) whiplash injuries-which occurs in about 43% of cases. Twenty-eight patients were studied and of these 93% (n=26) had improved following chiropractic treatment.

There are important differences in your treatment when you compare the chiropractic to the medical approach to whiplash.

Had a Car Accident in Orange County CA? Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor Orange CA Car Accident Doctor is near you and offers a FREE Car Accident Severity Evaluation

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Orange County Car Accident Neck Pain: Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Orange County Car Accident Neck Pain: Non-Surgical Treatment Options

car accident neck pain treatment         There are many treatment options for those suffering from neck pain.  There is conventional medical care where the family doctor will usually prescribe a muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, and/or pain killer to help patients through episodes of acute neck pain.  However, many patients with neck pain have been through the process of treatments associated with medications and simply cannot tolerate the adverse side effects of stomach pain common with anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen (Advil, Nuprin, Mediprin, etc.), Aleve (Naproxen), or aspirin.  Others don’t like the groggy, drunk-like feelings associated with pain killers or the sleepiness associated with muscle relaxants.  Therefore, these patients often turn to complementary / alternative care.

As noted in the May, 2009 issue of Consumer’s Report for low back pain, chiropractic was the most sought after form of treatment, but there has been no extensive review of neck pain regarding evidence-based treatment approaches – at least not until February, 2008.  An international “team” representing 9 countries screened over 31,000 titles of articles published between 1980 and 2006, reviewed more than 1200 articles and eventually reported on 552 studies in their final report.  Their findings included the following:

  • In the US, 54% utilized complementary (alternative) treatment approaches compared to 37% that obtained conventional medical care.
  • Neck pain was the 2nd most common reason Americans obtained chiropractic care.
  • Chiropractic was found to be the most frequently reported form of treatment for upper back or neck pain (ahead of massage therapy, relaxation therapy, acupuncture).
  • Those who obtained complementary AND conventional medical care were much more likely to perceive the complementary/alternative therapy as being helpful (61% vs. 6.4% for neck conditions and 39.1% vs. 19% for headaches).
  • Women more commonly obtained care than men for neck/shoulder pain (29% vs. 18% men) over a 4-6 year time frame.
  • Manual therapy (mobilization, manipulation, stretching) was associated with greater pain reduction in the short-term among patients with acute whiplash when compared with usual medical care, soft collars, passive modalities, or general advice.
  • For non-whiplash neck pain (without arm radiating pain), manipulation or mobilization, exercise, low level laser therapy (LLLT), and “…perhaps acupuncture…” were reported as more effective than no treatment, sham, or other alternative interventions.
  • For both whiplash and non-traumatic neck pain, supervised exercise with or without manual therapy was favored over usual medical care or no care.

What does all this mean?  Simple!  Everyone who is suffering from neck or upper back pain should consider chiropractic care which includes manipulation, mobilization, exercise training, and activity modifying advice, as these approaches have been found to be very  effective.

Suffering from car accident neck pain? Learn more here http://orange-car-accident.com


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Orange County Car Accident Update: Minor Vehicle Damage Can Cause Injuries

Orange County Car Accident Update: Minor Vehicle Damage Can Cause Injuries

pain after minor car accident“Why Does My Neck Hurt So Much But My Car Only Got a Dent?”

Whiplash pain can be much different from other types of injuries. When a car accident is severe, the pain will come on right away. If the injury produces a mild or moderate sprain, sometimes it takes a few days for the pain and inflammation to reach its maximum. Sometimes it is stiffness that is the prominent symptom and the patient notices this in the first few weeks after the accident. The delay in pain is often seen in low speed collisions where typically there is very less damage to the vehicles.

There are a lot of factors that determine the extent of injury following a low speed whiplash. One of these is the neck posture prior to impact. Was the head turned? This can occur if the patient was looking at the rear view mirror during the collision. Low speed car accidents often occur in parking lots. If the patient was turned to see if a space was clear, this can make a simple trauma result in a significant injury.

Besides the position of the patient prior to the collision, the speed and amount of vehicle damage are sometimes good criteria for the severity of the trauma. However, it may not be in many cases because of crumple zones. Cars are built with crumple zones. These areas are crushed during the collision and absorb the energy of impact. In some low speed collisions, there is less crumple and more of the force is transmitted to the occupants. This is but one reason why vehicle damage won’t always equate with the spinal damage.

Another factor in a car accident whiplash injury is whether the head-rest was properly positioned. A proper head-rest should be close to the back of the head and its high point slightly above the top of the head. The reason for the high position is that in a rear-end collision, the patient who is being hit will rise slightly with impact. If the head- rest is too low, then the neck will bend around it like a fulcrum causing even more injury. The same thing happens if the seat is reclined too far and the head whips backwards before hitting the head-rest.

Because symptoms can come on slowly and minor vehicle damage is not a good indicator of injury, a thorough examination is required. It is important to be checked by a competent health care provider after any motor vehicle collision.

Orange County Car Accident Treatment Information http://orange-car-accident.com

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Chiropractic Car Accident Treatment Orange County vs Medical Treatment

Chiropractic Car Accident Treatment Orange County vs Medical Treatment

car accident treatment orange county

Have you been in a car accident and your medical physician (MD) advises against chiropractic treatment for your whiplash injuries?

If so, you may want to read this very carefully.

Without getting into a debate over professional courtesy and creating even more dissent between MD’s and DC’s, let us just stick to verifiable facts specifically related to whiplash injuries.

car accident medical treatmentMedical Car Accident Treatment

Medical research has proven over the years that medication, bed rest and/or physical therapy alone or in combination are not very successful at relieving whiplash pain, but more importantly, leads to chronic impairment. This is because those car accident treatment methods are designed to merely relieve pain then discontinue once pain releif has been achieved without correcting the underlying problem of abnormal joint mechanics and misalignment within the spine.

loss of neck curve on xray after car accidentFacet joint injury is known to be the leading cause of chronic pain and disability following an auto collision. “Cervical (facet) joint pain is common among patients with chronic neck pain after whiplash… and has proven to be of major clinical importance” Nikolai Bogduk, MD, PhD, DSc, FAFRM (1) A by-product of this injury is a neck curve that is less than the average normal measurement.(2)   Since whiplash is chiefly a structural and bio-mechanical disorder, it is no wonder medical treatments such as muscle relaxers and pain pills fail to address whiplash injuries effectively.

Chiropractic Car Accident Treatment

chiropractic car accident treatmentChiropractic on the other hand has proven to be the most effective therapy for whiplash injuries, particularly late whiplash pain (pain lasting 3 months or more after injury)  and results in the lowest amount of disability. The reason is chiropractic manipulation, the popping you hear when a Doctor of Chiropractic adjusts your neck, is a release of tension within the facet joint.  Adjustments unlock damaged, tightened and misaligned facet joints and allows them to realign and heal.

The medical researchers of Woodward, Cook, Gargan and Bannister (3) looking at medical and chiropractic treatment of late whiplash noted the following, “The ‘whiplash’ syndrome is a collection of symptoms produced as a result of soft-tissue injury of the cervical spine. The accumulated literature suggests that 43 percent of patients will suffer long-term symptoms following ‘whiplash’ injury. If patients are still symptomatic after three months then there is almost a 90 per cent chance that they will remain so. No conventional (MEDICAL) treatment has proven to be effective in these established chronic cases.”

They further stated, “Following CHIROPRACTIC treatment, 93% of the patients had improved.”

So why would your MD tell you otherwise? It’s purely lack of knowledge. See, your MD knows a little about a lot of conditions, but as a non-expert in whiplash injury, he or she really has very little knowledge at all. Certainly, the average medical doctor spends very little education time on whiplash type injuries on an on-going basis.

How does chiropractic treatment of car accident injuries help?

Remember, whiplash often causes your neck to be misaligned and you lose cervical curvature. A problem that many MD’s miss because of lack of training on reading radiographs and also because many MD’s treat whiplash victims without taking x-rays to begin with. If you don’t know what to look for or if you don’t bother to look at all, you’re not going to find anything.

Chiropractic treatment restores normal function to the facet joints. Further, a chiropractor specializing in car accident whiplash treatment, will attempt to restore your normal neck curve. Only a car accident chiropractor will even know to check your neck curve and has the knowledge and skill to actually correct it.

A study was done to see if chiropractic treatments improved neck curvature on x-ray in motor vehicle collision victims. The results after an average of 17 adjustments were that 77% of those treated did in fact see improvement in their neck curve, 15% had no change and 8% had a worsened curve. The study suggests that chiropractic adjustments do indeed increase cervical lordosis, which may be helpful for patients suffering from auto injuries. Even more encouraging is that the average number of adjustments of 17 is quite low compared to what experts within the chiropractic rehabilitation arena say are required to correct a neck curve. Therefore, it is highly possible that by seeing a specialist chiropractor who works specifically with rehabilitating spinal curvatures the correct number of times may result in an even higher rate of success.

Car accident victims suffer from neck pain and other symptoms that are brought on by damage to the spine.  Treatment is crucial to not only relieve pain, but most importantly to restore normal function to prevent long term pain and disability. Various auto accident treatments have been compared scientifically over the years and chiropractic has been shown to be the superior treatment. Therefore, when you are told by your MD to discontinue chiropractic care for your car accident injury, take it as advice and have a discussion with your chiropractor.

More about Orange County Car Accident treatment http://orange-car-accident.com


(1) Pain, 54 (1993) 213-217

(2) Kristjansson E, Jonsson H. Is the sagittal configuration of the cervical spine changed in women with chronic whiplash syndrome? A comparative computer-assisted radiographic assessment. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 2002;25(9):550-555.)

(3) Woodward MN, Cook JCH, Gargan MF, Bannister GC. Chiropractic treatment of chronic ‘whiplash’ injuries. Injury: International Journal of the Care of the Injured 1996;27(9):643-645.

(4) Coleman RR, Hagen JO, Troyanovich SJ, Plaugher G. Lateral cervical curve changes in patients receiving chiropractic care after a motor vehicle collision: a retrospective case series. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 2003;26(6):352-355.

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Orange County CA Whiplash Update: Who Will Recover?

Whiplash: Who Will Recover?

whiplash injury

Orange County CA Whiplash, or Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD), involves a cluster of symptoms and findings that include biomechanical or tissue injury findings, as well as psychological factors that accompany pain and disability. To answer the presenting question, who will recover from whiplash, a task force was set up to investigate this and research over a 10 year time frame was reviewed.  They found the initial level of pain after the injury and the associated psychological factors are the two best predictors of whiplash recovery.

WAD results from a neck injury caused by a sudden back and forth movement of the head that often occurs during a car crash. The injury occurs because of the fact that the sudden movement happens in a shorter time frame than our ability to voluntarily contract our own neck muscles. Hence, even if we brace ourselves before the impact, we cannot avoid the sudden “crack the whip” phenomenon that occurs during a crash.  It’s even worse is if the head is turned at the time of impact!  Although most WAD sufferers recover within a few months, many report ongoing pain a year or more later. With about 2 million insurance claims registered per year in the US, the focus is shifting from what causes pain to what recovery predictors exist with the focus on managing those that are manageable.

One of the two predictors reported was the level of pain reported by the patient 3 weeks after a motor vehicle collision (MVC). In a group of over 3000 patients with WAD, this was reported to be, “…the single most important predictor of who recovers in a timely manner.” On a 10-point pain scale (10 being the most intense pain), patients with a score under 5 recovered more quickly.

The second of the two strong predictors was the patient’s belief or expectation of recovery. Again, at the 3 week mark following the crash, over 1000 WAD injured patients were asked how likely they felt they would recover fully and at 6 months, the disability level was compared to those expectations gathered at the 3 week point. They found a 4x greater chance of being placed in a “more disabled” group if at the 3 week point, the patient reported a poor outcome expectation for recovery. Those who were reportedly prone to “catastrophic thinking” also fared poorly. These are the patients who can’t stop focusing on pain – they believe the crash was, “…the worse thing that has ever happened to them.”

They also found patients wearing a neck collar to protect and immobilize the neck following a MVC were no better off compared to those not wearing a collar. In fact, in one group of patients, those who wore the collar were absent longer from work and utilized more pain killing medications compared to those who did not wear it.

We realize that you have a choice in where you choose your healthcare services.  If you, a friend or family member requires care for whiplash, we sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence shown by choosing our services and look forward in serving you and your family presently and, in the future.

Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor Orange CA Car Accident expert


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Only The Best Orange County Car Accident Lawyers

“Only The Best Orange County Car Accident Lawyers get my referrals” states Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor and Orange County Car Accident Doctor and expert.

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Dr Marks continues, “Not all personal injury attorneys alike. Most care little about quality, and are more concerned with a doctor to send them multiple cases and churn them over. All the cases are the same to them. In my Orange car accident treatment practice no two patients are the same. Each patient is an individual and so I expect a car accident attorney to treat them just as uniquely.”

“Personal injury cases such as after a car crash must be handled properly otherwise the car wreck victim will lose out,” so says Dr Marks.

Chiropractor Marks points out that the auto insurance companies have elaborate claims systems set up with computerized programs to value each case. Personal injury attorneys and doctors must be aware of these systems, how they work and how to legitimately maximize the value of a case. Inexperienced attorneys and doctors or ones that are using practice techniques from 10 years ago, are doing their clients/patients a great disservice.

This is why Dr Marks only sends his patients to a very select few Orange County Car Accident Lawyers. He demands the attorneys are ethical, straight forward and treat the patients like he does. That means when you call them they return your calls promptly and tell you right up front whether or not they can take your case and help you.

Dr Marks is happy to supply any Orange County Car Accident victims with his list of the best car accident lawyers in Orange County.

Call (714) 938-0575 or Request Car Accident Lawyer list by clicking this link




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Orange County Car Accident Lawyers

Advice on Orange County Car Accident Lawyers by a leading Orange County Car Accident Doctor


Car accident in Orange County CA? Wondering if you need a car accident attorney? Here’s some advice from an Orange CA auto accident doctor and expert with over 25 years experience.

Car crash cases in which a personal injury lawyer is highly recommended:

  • The other driver or insurance company is disputing fault
  • The other insurance company is harassing you or overly aggressive
  • The other insurance company is refusing to repair your car
  • You require to see multiple medical specialists or have an MRI on a lien
  • You’ve suffered more than just a mild strain injury according to your doctor
  • You’ve required hospitalization
  • You’ve suffered a fracture/broken bone or herniated disc

Who pays for your personal injury attorney?

In a typical car crash in which you are not at fault, your lawyer will either file a lawsuit or settle your case out of court. It is out of the settlement from the insurance company that the lawyer’s bill will be paid. For Orange County CA car wreck victims, the legally allowed fee is 33.3% + expenses such as court filing fees. Lawyers represent personal injury cases on a “contingency” basis, which means that  if they don’t reach settlement for you, they do not receive payment. You should never pay a personal injury attorney any money up front as a retainer. It is unnecessary. They should work hard to negotiate the maximum car accident settlement possible for you and from that earn a reasonable fee.

Some things to beware of when considering a personal injury lawyer in Orange County:

  • Beware of a lawyer who demands a retainer fee
  • Beware if your lawyer tells you, you must see only their doctor
  • Beware of a lawyer who takes your case but does not return your calls
  • Beware of an attorney with questionable ethics; if they mention cutting corners, lying or cheating, who’s to say they won’t cheat you?
  • Beware of attorneys who “churn”*

Need a recommendation for a good, ethical car accident lawyer in Orange County CA?

  1. Call (714) 938-0575 for a list of recommended Orange County lawyers
  2. Click here to ask an Orange County personal injury lawyer a question

*Car Accident Churning is the act of taking on many clients, paying little to no attention to them, sending them to medical clinics who provide inadequate impersonal treatment, and then negotiating a low settlement, taking their cut and moving on to the next case. Churning is bad because it is based on each case being the same regardless of severity. The attorney does not place the client with the best doctor, but any doctor who is willing to build up a bill to a pre-set amount without concern for the patient. The settlement arrived at is usually far below the average for similar cases with hard working, ethical personal injury lawyers and doctors.

Orange County Car Accident SettlementOrange CA Car Accident Doctor
Car Accident Seminar

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Car Accident Chiropractor Anaheim CA Area

Car Accident Chiropractor Anaheim CA Area
Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor, Car Accident treatment expert

Anaheim CA is a large area with many freeways and busy streets. Auto accidents are common in Anaheim especially along the 5 and 57 freeways, Harbor Blvd, Euclid, Katella and Chapman Ave.

While there are many chiropractors in the Anaheim, CA area, there are few who specialize in car accident injury treatment. Why does that matter?

Any chiropractor or physician can treat a car wreck victim, but to ensure your case is properly documented, your condition is properly cared for and your rights to a fair car accident settlement are protected, you really do need a specialist. And within the chiropractic medical field there are those doctors who specialize in car accident and whiplash injury as well as car accident brain trauma.

There are certain rules that car accident cases must adhere to. Many of them make little practical sense and are merely there to confuse auto accident victims and delay or reduce their claims. Certain types of treatment and practices that many general chiropractors perform may be frowned upon in the personal injury arena particularly in front of juries. And billing practices in a general medical doctor or chiropractors office may not be to an auto accident victims benefit.

A true auto accident specialist…

  • Knows the rules
  • Knows how a claim should be managed properly
  • Knows the best possible treatment for your particular car accident injury and avoid those that are not acceptable
  • Knows that personal injury cases can be a burden for the victim and makes accommodations for billing of all available insurance and/or the use of liens so that the victim need not pay out of pocket up front for care

Car Accident Doctor Anaheim CA area: Dr Barry Marks

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Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor, Car Accident expert Anaheim CA area

  • Chiropractor since 1986
  • Orthopedic specialty training 1986-1989
  • Whiplash and Brain trauma specialty training 1986-2004 and on going

FREE Car Accident Severity Evaluation (714) 938-0575 or visit Orange County Car Accident Treatment

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(C) 2011 Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor Car Accident Expert



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