Are You Making These Mistakes After Your Orange County CA Car Accident?

Avoid These Common Mistakes After a Car Accident

Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor Orange CA Car Accident doctor

common car accident mistakesCar Accident recently? Do any of these 8 mistakes apply to your case?

1. Assuming you are alright after an accident because you have little or no initial pain.

Many cases of “mild” whiplash have delayed onset of symptoms of days, weeks, even months. Before making any major decisions about your case consult an expert who can find any hidden injuries.

2. Relying on an emergency room visit that says you are not injured.

Emergency room doctors are great at what they do; they make instant decisions on whether you have suffered a life threatening injury. Happily, most auto accidents are not. Unfortunately, whiplash type injuries may be subtle and hard to find when you are rushing through an exam. ER docs are just not trained and equipped to find these subtle problems and many of the injuries may not show up for some time after the accident.

3. Allowing your HMO doctor to treat you.

HMO’s are designed for one thing: provide minimal medical treatment at the least cost possible. Whiplash injuries take time to heal and can result in high medical costs, therefore HMO doctors are under pressure from their bureaucratic bosses to minimize auto accident treatment. This often results in being inadequately treated and prematurely discharged leading to chronic pain.

For the next 5 Mistakes after a car accident please follow this link:

Orange County Car Accident facts

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Orange County CA Car Accident Settlement

Orange County CA Car Accident Settlement Information

If you’ve suffered an auto accident in Orange County CA and had trouble settling your case, you need to know some of the tactics used by auto insurance companies to attempt to minimize your claim.  You’re not alone. Insurers across the map are digging in and fighting claims they feel are “minimal.”

Protracted settlement disputes, forcing injured victims into court all in the name of profits for these insurance giants.

Watch this special report by CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Car Accident settlement tactics:

YouTube Preview Image

More about Orange County Ca Car Accident Settlement here:

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Orange County CA Car Accident Chiropractor Dr Barry Marks

Car Accident Chiropractor
Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor
2401 W Chapman Ave #102
Orange CA 92868

Most people realize that Chiropractors are the most common doctors to see after a car accident. In fact, many research studies have proven Chiropractic to be superior to any other form of medical treatment for whiplash injuries.

But what many people may not realize is that within the Chiropractic profession there are specialists who deal primarily with Car Accident injuries. These doctors have advanced training in diagnosing and treating car crash injuries as well as automobile crash dynamics, research, and even courtroom procedures.

But is there really a difference between a general chiropractor and a specialized car accident chiropractor? In a word, Yes.

There are certain rules within the field of personal injury. Your case is not just a medical problem but a legal one as well. If the proper procedures are not followed, your case may suffer. Treatment differs as well. Waking up with a stiff neck from a day of gardening is not the same as a stiff neck after a motor vehicle collision. As such the two must be treated entirely differently and the time it takes and the ultimate outcome differ widely as well.

Your case needs to be protected. Your health needs to be returned. A car accident specialist chiropractor will be able to help you achieve these goals and minimize any stress to you.

To have your case and injuries evaluated by a true car accident chiropractor specialist, call (714) 938-0575 or visit Orange Car Accident at

About Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Orange CA Car Accident Doctor

  • In practice since 1986
  • Post-doctorate specialty training in orthopedics
  • Former Associate Clinical Professor
  • Advanced Graduate Whiplash & Brain Traumatology


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Orange County CA Car Accident Information

New name, new look, same solid Orange County CA Car Accident information and Auto Accident Concierge Service

Orange County CA Car Accident Legal Help

Orange County CA Car Accident Medical Treatment

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FREE Car Accident Seminar Online Video Course



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Rib Injuries in Car Accidents

Orange County Car Accident Treatment
Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Orange, CA

Rib Injuries in Car Accidents

rib pain car accidentA commonly seen complaint in car accident victims are rib and chest pains. From my perspective as a 25 year veteran of motor vehicle collision injury  treatment, the following are the most common factors involved in rib injuries:

  • Frontal or side impact most common
  • Rear impact if seat breaks backwards
  • Female occupants
  • Seat belt in use
  • Rib strain “Bruised ribs” is most common injury vs fracture, but car crashes are most common cause of rib fracture

The most common mechanism in a rib injury appears to be a sudden stop against the seat belt causing the body to strain against the belt resulting in injury. This mechanism can lead to strain and if severe enough fracture of the ribs.

Another mechanism is physical strain in a lateral direction due to side impact collisions. In these collision there is little to restrain the body from being whipped from side to side resulting in strains and at time fractures of the ribs.

Steering wheel injuries are less common as more and more motorists use seat belts and cars are equipped with airbags. The most common and serious injuries associated with striking the steering wheel are broken ribs and/or sternum and chest wall injuries.

Although bruised or strained ribs are less serious than fractured ribs, it is an injury that is equally painful and can last just as long.  In fact strained ribs can linger for several months.

Proper Assessment of Car Accident Rib Pain:

  • X-rays are required of any painful areas after a car accident
  • Physical examination including specific physical maneuvers to ascertain rib fracture
  • If after a period of treatment (about 4 weeks), the rib pain is unrelenting, a bone scan may be needed to rule out occult (hidden) fracture.

Treatment of Strained  Ribs After Car Accident:

Initial stages 3x/week x 4-6 weeks

  • Interferential electrical stimulation and ice
  • Cold laser therapy acute trauma and inflammation settings
  • Home applications of heat and ice 1-2x/ day

Once pain has significantly subsided add…

  • Chiropractic manipulation of ribs and thoracic spine joints
  • Exercises of thoracic musculature

More about Orange County CA Car Accident

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Neck Exercises for Car Accident Injuries

Neck Exercises for Car Accident Injuries

neck exercises car accident orange countyIf you’ve been injured in a car crash, after your pain has subsided and you are able to move your neck better, you need to fully rehabilitate your neck to prevent problems later on.

Medical researchers found that up to 43% of car accident victims suffer from chronic pain and impairment directly related to their car wrecks. Another study found that after a car crash you’re 600% more likely to develop osteoarthritis of the neck joints.  The pain is mostly due to facet joint injuries after a car accident.

It would make sense then to improve the function of your neck, particularly Teh facet joints to make your neck as strong as possible and prevent as much long-term damage as you can.

Here is a Free down loadable E-book Neck exercises for Car Accident Injuries

More car accident information:
Orange County Car Accident Doctor

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Facet Joint Injuries from Car Accidents

Facet joint injuries from Car Accidents

cervical facet joints and neck anatomy

Facet joint injuries are the most common sources of pain in a rear impact motor vehicle collision.

The facet joints are the small paired joints to the rear of the neck that help provide and guide movement. They are small and delicate and are not supposed to bear much weight.  In a car accident, these joints and their surrounding support structures (ligaments, tendons, muscles) become damaged and malfunction.  These injuries cause a predictable pain pattern that your car accident medical expert should be aware of.

Slightly more than half of car crash victims will resolve with treatment, but upwards of 43% of whiplash victims will suffer from chronic pain and impairment and the vast majority fo those are due to chronic facet joint malfunction.

For more details including scientific references, see Facet Joint Injuries from Car Accidents on

Orange County Car Accident Treatment

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Low Back Pain Common in Rear Impact Car Accidents

Low Back Pain Car Accident Orange County
Dr Barry L Marks, Chiropractor Orange CA 92868

YouTube Preview Image

Low Back Pain Car Accident
While neck injuries are substantially more common after a car accident, lower back pain is still a significant problem that is often overlooked. Worse many insurers question whether a low back can be injured in a car accident.

Not only are back strains common in car accidents, but serious injuries such as disc herniation and bulges are not uncommon.  These types of injuries are more common due to degeneration of the disc prior to the accident, but which were often not symptomatic until after the accident.

Interestingly enough, many studies have shown that lower back pain after a car accident is often delayed. Headaches, neck pain and nausea are often early signs of injury after a car crash, but it may be days, weeks or months before low back pain emerges. A slower onset of back pain generally means a disc problem like disc bulging or a herniated disc. These injuries tend to take time before the disc bulges or herniates after it has been initially injured in the impact.

Signs of a serious lower back injury from a car accident:

  • Delayed onset of weeks or moths after collision
  • Pain is centered in middle of lower back and not in muscles
  • Pain is aggravated by bending forward, coughing and/or sneezing
  • Pain radiates to buttocks, leg or foot
  • Back cannot straighten up or is pulled to one side

Learn more about lower back pain car accident at Orange Car Accident

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Orange County Car Accident Facts

Orange County Car Accident Facts
Orange Car Accident, Orange CA

YouTube Preview Image

Car accidents are common in Orange County due to the numbers of vehicles clogging our streets, highways and freeways. Face it, Orange County is a place on the move. Everyone must get around by car. If you’ve been unlucky enough to have suffered a car crash in Orange County, there are some basic facts you must know.

Fact #1: You can be injured even if your car wasn’t.
Several scientific studies over a period of years, have proven the human threshold of injury in a rear impact car crash is a mere 2.5 mph. Other studies have shown that most injuries were suffered in slow speed collisions of approximately 10-12 mph. Vehicle crash engineers and medical researches found that modern cars can be crashed bumper to bumper numerous times at up to 20 mph and show no visible signs of damage. Therefore your Orange County car crash could leave no bumper damage but your neck was subjected to 4 times the force needed to injure you.

Fact #2: Auto insurance companies use sophisticated computer programs to decide what a claim is worth and what types of treatment they are wiling to pay for. The insurance adjusters know how to game the system to make your claim worth less, therefore you need to know how to thwart their attempts to minimize your claim.

Fact #3: You must seek medical help right away.
Even if you are not sure if you are injured or not. Even if you only feel mild soreness or stiffness. You must report to a car accident doctor specialist within the first 72 hours. If you seek care afterward, your case may be jeopardized and your rights to proper care and a fair car accident settlement may be diminished. The insurance computers “like” treatment in the first 72 hours and score your claim higher while they discount claims for cases that seek care after 72 hours.

Fact #4: While it may be true that any medical doctor, chiropractor or therapist can treat a car accident injury, it is best to seek the help of a specialist in the area.
Yes, car accident injuries are a specialized field. There are many factors a true auto accident expert must know to accurately diagnose your problem and provide the best treatment possible all within the parameters of insurance computer programs. Your car accident injury expert will also be able to assist you in answering calls and letters from insurance companies and lawyers and refer you to other specialists when necessary.

Fact #5: Many car crash victims are unsure of what doctor to see or how they will pay the bills.
A true car accident expert will explain to you how the process works and how to arrange for treatment with no money out of your pocket. Even if you have no health insurance or automobile medical overage, as long as the other party is at fault and they art insured, you will be able to access the care you need without worry of paying up front. True car accident specialists know that you’ve already suffered enough, you don’t need the insult of having to take out a loan or use up your credit for treatment in an accident that is not your fault.

Fact #6: The average mild to moderate car accident neck injury can take 3 to 6 months to heal. Many cases are cited to last for up to one year or more. Moderate to severe cases may take up to two years to stabilize. Studies have shown that upwards of 40% of car accident neck injuries become permanent.  If an insurance adjuster, doctor or lawyer ever tells you, you should get better in a short time, ignore them. Medical science is clear on this issue. It can take many months to years for your injury to resolve. Insurance adjusters tell you this to minimize your claim and they have no scientific or medical basis for it. It’s merely monetary. Your own doctor or lawyer may tell you this because they are not true experts and have no clue about the true science. They will actually be working against you as they don’t believe your complaints.

Learn more about Orange County Car Accident facts including a Free Car Accident Video Seminar and more about Dr Barry Marks, DC Car Accident injury specialist.
Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Orange is an Orange County car accident expert, author and lecturer. Dr Marks has innovated diagnosis and treatment programs for car accident victims and is a former Associate Clinical Professor.

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Low Speed Car Accidents Can Hurt You

Low Speed Car Accident Truth by Car Accident Injury Expert Dr Barry Marks, Orange CA

Think you can’t be hurt in a low speed collision? Been told your accident was too slow or there wasn’t enough vehicle damage to cause your neck pain? Watch these videos.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

The human threshold for neck injury in a read impact collision is merely 2.5 mph. The visible damage threshold of most vehicles is on average greater than 10 mph. Therefore, your car crash could cause neck damage and not even show visible signs of vehicle damage.

Learn more at

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