Orange County Car Accident? Beware This One Mistake!

Orange County Car Accident Information
Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor Car Accident Expert Orange, CA

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If you’ve recently suffered a car accident there is one thing you must do immediately to ensure your rights to proper medical care and a fair car accident settlement.

First you must know that the insurance claims adjuster has been specifically trained to thwart your attempts to receive proper care and a fair settlement. They are not there to assist you. They are not customer service representatives or ombudsmen. Please understand that they are charged by the insurance company to minimize all costs. That means they are to look for any reason, factual or not, to minimize your vehicle damage. They look for any reason, valid or not, to minimize your medical treatment. And lastly, they are tasked with finding any reason, and in fact may create reasons out of  thin air, to minimize how much they pay you as a car accident settlement.

Next, you need to know that insurance companies use different methods to value your case.  Most insurance companies use computer programs to make decisions on what a case is worth. These programs make their calculations based on what is inputted into them. I will leave the fact that the data can be manipulated by entering some information while omitting other data for another post. The important key here is the fact that this software is used and an important piece of data that is inputted is how soon after a car accident you receive treatment.

Insurance software gives high value for a case in which the accident victim receives treatment in the first 72 hours after a collision.  Conversely, it lowers case value, dramatically, for victims who seek treatment after 72 hours.  Of course this 72 hour window is completely arbitrary. There are no medical studies that indicate that injuries recover better if treated in this frame. In fact there are numerous scientific studies worldwide that indicates that many car accident injuries do not even appear within the first 72 hours. If you are injured but don’t know it yet, you are unlikely to receive treatment. Once your injury does appear a week later and you see your doctor, the insurance company’s computer says you are not really hurt or not hurt very bad. After all, if you really were hurt you would have seen a doctor within 72 hours.

If this seems absurd, which it most certainly is, the matter is worsened by the fact that the insurance company loves to get it both ways. Lets say you do receive treatment the same day as an accident, the adjuster, overriding the computer, will ask you “Why did you see your doctor so soon? Why didn’t you wait to see if the pain would just go away?”

So the once costly mistake to avoid is this 72 hour window. If you have been involved in a car accident, see a car accident medical expert right away. If you feel any stiffness, pain, headache, dizziness or other symptoms find a doctor or go to an emergency room, the day of the accident. If you suffer an accident and feel no pain, locate a car accident medical expert the day or two after the accident. Under no circumstance should you seek care later than 72 hours if you can help it.

What to do if you were the victim of an accident that occurred more than 72 hours ago and you are just now reading this? Don’t panic, all is not lost. Your case may be devalued to some degree but with the help of a competent car accident medical expert, the damage can be minimized. A doctor well versed in accident cases may be able to identify extenuating circumstances in which the 72 hour window would not apply.

The bottom line is if you’ve suffered a car accident, you need to see an experienced car accident medical expert for help.  Your family medical doctor, HMO doctor or general chiropractor is not your best choices. There are intricate ins and outs of these cases that your regular family doctor, HMO primary care doctor or general chiropractor just don’t know.  A true competent car accident expert will know the correct way to handle your case from filling out paperwork, talking to the insurance company and dealing with attorneys.

Learn more about common car accident mistakes to avoid at

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Orange Car Accident Info: Chronic Headache After Car Accident

Orange County Car Accident Information: Headache After a Car Crash

Post traumatic headache is one of the most common long term problems suffered by car crash victims.

Causes of Headaches After a Car Crash Injury:

  • Mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI)
  • Upper cervical ligament failure
  • Chronic neck misalignment

Treatment of Post Traumatic Headache:


  • Brain exercises (crosswords, puzzles, etc)
  • Nutritional support (natural supplements that help brain function)
  • Avoidance of chemicals that cause further brain problems (aspartame, glutamic acid, and other “excitotoxins”)
  • Oxygen
  • Chiropractic adjustments

Ligament damage:

  • Stabilizing exercises
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Home neck traction
  • Surgical stabilization

Neck curve misalignment:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Rehabilitation exercises in office and home
  • Pillow modification

Car Accident headaches are very common. A large percentage of people suffering from chronic headaches are caused by car accident injuries. Many times the headaches are due to a car crash that occurred many years ago and the patient is unaware of the connection.

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Orange Chiropractic Car Accident “Dashboard Knee” Injury

Orange Chiropractic Car Accident Treatment
Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor, Orange, CA

Dashboard Knee Injury

A common but often overlooked injury after a car accident is what is known as “dashboard knee injury.” This common term is used to describe knee pain, swelling and or stiffness after an auto accident. The actual underlying injury is a deep bruise or contusion to the joint surface cartilage. The initial injury may not have any symptoms at all for days or even weeks.

Eventually, enough inflammation will build up so that the injury surfaces. Once that occurs you will notice the telltale symptoms of car accident dashboard knee:

  • Pain on front of knee either on knee cap or just to side of knee cap
  • Swelling of knee around knee cap
  • Discoloration, bruising, abrasions around knee cap area
  • Stiffness of knee on bending

Diagnosis of Car Accident Dashboard Knee:
A diagnosis is made off of history of trauma, signs of physical contact, and an exam that rules out other conditions such as cartilage tear, ligament sprain, etc

Treatment of Car Accident Dashboard Knee:
1. Initial treatment to reduce inflammation and swelling:

  • Interferential electrical stimulation
  • Ice
  • Cold laser therapy acute trauma and inflammation  settings
  • Range of motion exercises

2. Rehabilitative care to strengthen muscles and stabilize joint:

  • Quad setting isometric exercises
  • Knee extensions
  • Modified Squats
  • Cold laser and ice

Follow this link for a FREE Orange Car Accident Dashboard Knee Pain Evaluation by an Orange  County Car Accident Doctor

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Car Accident Common Sense Orange County, CA

Car Accident Common Sense Orange County, CA
Car Accident Doctor Orange County, CA Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor Orange, Ca 92868

A recent post on another blog about what to do to avoid being involved in a car accident and what to do if you’ve already suffered an auto accident.

Read it here……

More Orange County Auto Accident Information

Chiropractor Orange County Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor, Orange CA 92868

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Orange Auto Accident Doctor | Choosing a Orange County Car Accident Doctor

Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor, Orange, CA 92868
Former Associate Clinical Professor
Auto Accident Specialist

How to Choose a Car Accident Doctor

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident in Orange County, CA you may have spent considerable time in figuring out what to do about your damaged car and even on an accident lawyer. Most people however, spend little time thinking about themselves and which doctor to see for treatment. Seems simple enough, you have an employer provided HMO plan, or you have a long-time chiro that you’ve seen in the past; you’ll just call one of them.

That Could Be a Big Mistake. Here’s why…

Generalist doctors like your HMO primary care physician or your general chiropractor CAN treat car accident injuries and probably do, however their thin knowledge of the specialized field of auto accidents may leave you short changed. There are rules and conventions of diagnosis and treatment that must be adhered to for maximum recovery of your injuries and your case settlement. Ignore these rules and you will suffer, either medically or financially. Most generalist doctors are clueless to these rules. Many believe they know how to handle these cases because they often have in the past, but sadly they perform under par because the rules are always changing.

Questions to ask your auto accident treatment doctor…

  • How often are they called upon by other professionals in the field (lawyers, other doctors, insurance companies) for their expert opinion on difficult cases?
  • What specific training have they had that equips them to treat car accident injuries? (This specific field is NOT taught in any medical or chiropractic colleges. )
  • How much experience do they have treating auto accident victims?
  • Have they authored books or articles on the subject?

A true auto accident doctor specialist is one whom:

  • Has extensive specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of car accident injuries
  • Has extensive knowledge of the legal aspects of auto accident cases and can testify as an effective witness on your behalf
  • Has dedicated him or herself to ongoing education in the field of car accident injuries
  • Has articles and or books, seminars, etc on the topic of whiplash and car accident injuries to educate the public and other professionals
  • Has the facilities to provide cutting edge car accident diagnosis and treatment using the latest knowledge
  • Is willing to provide free consults to determine if you are injured and what the best course of action is for your particular case
  • Has a long list of other professionals to refer you to including orthopedists, neurologists, attorneys, MRI centers, etc

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Orange County, CA you now have a better understanding of what to look for in a car accident doctor. Below are the qualifications of a car accident specialist near you.

Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor 
1745 W Orangewood Ave #114 | Orange, CA  92868
(714) 938-0575 |

  • Medical Director, Orange Spine & Disc Rehabilitation Center
  • Former Associate Clinical professor
  • Author and Lecturer
  • Post doctorate training in orthopedics
  • Advanced graduate Whiplash & Brain Traumatology
  • Developer of the “Amazing InsightSytem” computerized whiplash diagnosis
  • Has successfully treated thousands of car accident injury victims since 1986
  • Extensive network of specialist doctors, imaging centers and legal experts available to assist accident victims

Dr. Marks offers:

  • A Free Auto Accident Injury Severity Exam
  • Free Truth About Whiplash Online Video Seminar
  • Free Shocking Truth About Whiplash Report
  • Informative Articles on Car Accident Injuries

Before you do anything else after your accident, visit Dr. Marks’ consumer site with Free information for Orange County, CA accident victims:

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Car Accident Doctors Orange County, CA

Car accident doctors orange county
Dr Barry Marks, Orange, CA 92868

Orange County Car Accident Specialist explains the truth about low speed car accidents:

This is a reply to a previous blog question to illustrate the truth about low damage auto collisions. This information may be used by auto accident victims representing themselves or his/her attorney trying to negotiate a settlement. Lastly, it can be helpful to remind doctors treating these cases, to take them seriously and rather than just disregard chronic complaints after a low speed auto crash, to investigate further.

Hi Lea,

Sorry to hear of your troubles. It’s a common one. A big problem is that accident victims’ attorneys and doctors do not understand the scope and severity of injuries from low-speed collision so they discount them. That only emboldens the insurance co’s further. Her’s the proof of their deceit; I have many cases that involve completely destroyed vehicles and the insurance co’s still say the patient can’t be hurt that bad… They will fight over every accident, low impact or not. It’s up to the attorneys and doctors to fight for the patient and not accept less.

Right off the bat, I can tell you, you had several “accident intensifiers” at the time of the collision that make a seemingly “low impact” collision cause more severe bodily injury:

  • Head turned: angulation of body or vehicles increases injuries
  • Female occupant: smaller, thinner joint cartilage increases risk of initial damage, while women statistically have longer periods of treatment and increased risk of long-term pain, headaches, nausea, numbness and tingling compared to men
  • Head restraint position: the vast majority of people do not have their head restraint positioned properly because it was not manufactured correctly.
  • Surprised: if you did not brace by sticking both arms out hard on steering wheel and plant both feet hard to the floor and on your brakes then you stand a 15X greater chance of injury

Has your doctor shown you your x-rays? Is your neck curve straightened? Did he/she do bending films and show any signs of abnormal slippage of the bones due to torn ligaments? These are a few things to look into.

Important to remember: “Low vehicle damage” does NOT mean “low impact.” Vehicle damage means nothing. Unfortunately your attorney may have bought into the “no crash no cash’ position successfully perpetrated on all of us by the insurance co’s. No scientific paper has found a link between the two. But many studies have proven the opposite. Most injuries occur at relatively low speeds <12 mph. Some cars can be crashed at 20 mph and not show any signs of damage while the majority of cars require impacts of 10 mph+ to show damage. BUT the human threshold for injury is only 2.5 mph. A crash of only 10mph is 4X the threshold for injury!

If you haven’t already done so, go sign up for my free online video seminar: The Truth About Whiplash or at Sounds like your attorney might also want to check it out. It’s based on info I have lectured to doctors and attorneys specializing in auto crash cases.

Good luck.

Keep me updated on your case.

Warmest regards,

Dr Barry L Marks, DC

Car accidents are a part of everyday life. Most of us will pass by one each day on our ways to work in Orange County, CA.  There are steps to take to minimize your chances for an accident and simple methods to reduce risk of injury. These strategies and more are contained within the Free online video seminar Truth About Whiplash

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Tens Pain Relief for Neck Pain after Whiplash

Tens Pain Relief for Neck Pain after Whiplash
Orange County Car Accident Treatment Info
Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor, Orange, CA 92868

TENS units are portable electrical simulators to relieve pain and spasm. They are often prescribed by orthopedists and chiropractors for patients suffering from neck pain. After a whiplash injury, TENS units are often prescribed for between therapy sessions to help control pain.

The following symptoms after a whiplash neck injury can be treated safely at home with your TENS unit:

* Neck pain
* Neck stiffness
* Headaches
* Upper back pain

For more info on how TENS units can help relieve your pain, visit:

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Upper Back Pain from Auto Accidents

Auto Accident Information by Orange County, CA
Car Accident Injury Specialist, Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor, Orange, CA 92868

Upper Back Pain from an Auto Accident?


This is a surprisingly common complaint, with an even more surprising root cause in most cases.

Does this sound familiar after your car accident?

You have pain in the upper back, more precisely in the shoulder blade area or on the top of the “wing bone” area. You rub it, you move your shoulder around, yet still it hurts. You may have even gone to a massage therapist or physical therapist and had them massage and exercise your upper back, but still the upper back pain after your auto accident lingers. It’s hard to get comfortable. You have difficulty sitting at a desk, using a computer, talking on the phone or driving without the incessant pain.

Do you ever think,
“If only someone could just dig their fingers in deep enough to release that tension or knot in there you’d be fine…”

Right now, I want you to do a simple test. I call it the “slump” test, because I have no idea what the real name of it is or if it is named, but this simple 5-second test will pinpoint your problem.

While sitting, I want you to slump your shoulders and body forward and round your upper back. Now, while you are slumped forward, tilt your head up and try to look towards the ceiling. Slump forward again and lift your head up towards the left and then to the right.

If you felt shoulder blade or upper back pain, then your upper back problem is actually coming from your neck! Specifically, the facet or zygaophyseal joints. This is actually the most common injury in a motor vehicle collision; a sprain and damage of the facet joint. It accounts for a majority of chronic neck and upper back pain cases after an accident.

If your back did not hurt when you were slumped over and tilted your head back, then try this test.
Sit and retract your shoulder blades (try to squeeze them together behind you). Now try shrugging your left shoulder up and back then repeat on the right.

Did any of these movements cause shoulder blade pain or upper back pain? If so, then you are suffering from muscular strain in the upper back area.

These are standard tests that all car accident injury specialists should perform on your exam to determine if that upper back pain after your car accident is from your neck or your back.

For more information on car accident injuries and treatment read the articles on this site and for information on Car Accident Injury Treatment in Orange County, CA go to

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Orange County, CA Car Accident Doctor Dr Barry Marks, Orange 92868

Car Accident Doctors, Orange County, CA
Dr Barry L Marks, Chiropractor Orange, CA 92868

Recently Injured in a Car Accident in Orange County, CA?

Young Man Holding NeckWhat you do in the first 72 hours after an auto accident can make or break your case and be the difference between lingering pain and an uncomplicated recovery.

First, you must get a medical exam immediately after the accident. If you are not examined in the first 72 hours, the insurance company will greatly discount your case. Of course this makes no logical sense and has nothing to do with medical science. Research tells us that a delay in symptoms of days, weeks, even months is the norm, not the exception. It is strictly a ploy by insurance computer systems to minimize your case. But, we don’t make the rules, we just observe them. So get checked immediately.

Important note about Car Accident doctors: MOST medical doctors, chiropractors, ER physicians and your HMO PCP have no idea how to properly evaluate let alone treat, car accident injuries. Therefore, you must take it upon yourself to find a “specialist” in auto accident and whiplash injury treatment. Choosing the wrong doc can lead to inadequate or erroneous documentation that kills your case. Worse, it could lead to improper treatment, which could be devastating, leaving you with chronic disabling headaches, neck pain or arthritis.

Next, you must follow your car accident doctor’s treatment advice. Nothing kills a case more than inconsistent treatment. Insurance companies look at your visits and dates. They count them. They analyze the frequency. They look for gaps in treatment of 1 week or more. Why? Because they know what a “real” or “legitimate” case looks like. They also know what a fake case looks like. So you need to be consistent. And again, what’s most important is that from a medical standpoint, you cannot expect to get better and avoid chronic pain or arthritis if you do not follow proper auto accident treatment guidelines as planned for you by your car accident specialist doctor. Treat it wrong up front and you will have years of suffering later.

Need a doctor in Orange County specializing in car accident treatment?

YouTube Preview Image

To contact Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor, car accident treatment specialist of Orange, CA call (714) 938-0575 or go to Dr. Marks offers a limited number of Free Car Accident Severity Evaluations each month. Dr. Marks will personally sit down with you and talk about your accident. Then he will perform a space-age computerized spinal analysis to locate areas of injury. This totally painless cutting edge computer technology can even find hidden problems not easily detected from the outside. You will then be presented with a written Recommended Action Plan detailing what your next steps should be. This is all free of charge, but an appointment is required. Call (714) 938-0575 or go to the website now to get your Free Car Accident Severity Evaluation.

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Car Accident Neck Injuries Exposed

Orange County, CA Auto Accident Injury Treatment Information
Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor, Car Accident Injury Specialist Orange, CA

Exposing the Black & White Proof of Car Accident Neck Injuries

doctor_car_accident_neck_xrayVictims of automobile accident injuries know full well the experience is painful. Unfortunately, many doctors are inadequately trained to identify, document and treat this specialized medical problem.

This emboldens the insurance companies to refute treatment as reasonable or to reduce settlement offers since the injuries are not “objectively” proven.

The medical literature indicates that a common objective sign of injury in an automobile crash is a reduced neck curve (hypolordosis). One study found that 91% of subjects with a reduced neck curve had been involved in an automobile accident.

Therefore, it is imperative to have neck x-rays following a car crash. Your doctor then needs to measure the angle of lordosis. Normal range is between 30 and 40 degrees. Many experts agree that closer to 40 degrees is best.

Once a measurement is made, your doctor then must begin steps to return your curve to normal. (For exercises that accomplish this goal, see previous posts on this blog) After a period of treatment (about 3 months) your doctor should take comparative x-rays and measure again. If the treatment has been successful, the angle or depth of curve should have increased.

before_xraySee the radiographs to the right which show a decresead neck curve due to an auto accident followed by x-rays showing objective proof of correction after only 2 months of proper chiropractic rehabilitative treatment.

THe first x-ray is from an accidnerent victim who had completed several moitnhs fo pohysical tehrapy and medications, but contineud to suffer from neck pain and ehadaches.  On consultation it was learend his neck was never x-rayed despite the fact that the rear of his car suffered significant damage.

A personalized action plan was designed that included in office treatments and at home exercises over a period of 2 months. On re-exam he was found to be suffering only mild occasional headaches and his “after” x-rays showed a significant increase in neck curve. The final measurement was 38 degrees, which is well within normal limits. The patient was thenafter_xray instructed in an “at home” after care exercise program to maintain proper alignment.

Objective proof of an injury is crucial to make your case to the insurance companies. If your doctor does not do this, then your case is in jeopardy and you may not receive the level of compensation you deserve. Worse yet, if your doctor does not follow this protocol and releases you with an uncorrected neck, you have a 600% increase in risk for early onset osteoarthritis and persistent headaches and neck pain.

For more information on car accident injuries see previous posts on this blog and check out the free  reports, online video seminar and information at

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