Teen Driving Safety Videos Every Teen and Parent Should Watch 1/3

Car Accident Orange County
Dr Barry Marks, DC Orange, CA

Public Service Announcements on Teen Drinking and Texting While Driving Part 1 of 3

I came across these videos recently in my search for Driver’s Ed. material for my 15 year old soon-to-be-behind-the-wheel son. I recall way back in my Driver’s Ed class watching films such as “Red Asphalt” and others that were made in the 50’s and 60’s and were quite gruesome. Today’s Teen Driving PSA’s are more polished and contemporary, but I believe the sheer shock and emotion they punch at you make them very effective.

As a doctor who has specialized in car crash injuries for over 20 years, I have seen how simple car crashes can permanently alter lives. As an expert I also know that over 80% of all crashes are caused by driver negligence. That’s why I do not call them “accidents.” They are not. They are acts of negligence.

There is nothing more negligent than driving while texting, intoxicated or just fooling around. It puts teh driver, their passengers and many others on the road in jeopardy.

Cars are lethal weapons. Cars driving down the road have a tremendous amount of potential energy stored in them. Even a small car traveling at slow neighborhood speeds pack enough punch to hurt others. Cars driving at higher speeds can result in horrific carnage as evidenced by the following videos.

The videos are graphic and disturbing, but they should be. Parents, don’t shirk away from them because they are too upsetting. Your teen drivers need to see this. Teens, Don’t dismiss these videos as propaganda or attempts to scare you. These videos depict very real events. Events that take the lives of teenagers every day. While you may not drive and text or drive drunk or reckless, your friends might. It’s up to you to stop them.

My intention is that ALL drivers, of ALL ages view these videos and discuss them with others. How many more stories about horrible car, bus, train and plane crashes caused by drinking or texting must we endure?

Texting While Driving
YouTube Preview Image

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Car Accidents Often Cause Long Term Pain

Orange County Car Accident Information
Dr Barry L Marks, Chiropractor Orange, CA
Auto Accident Injury Treatment Expert

Young Man Holding NeckScientific and medical studies have shown that upwards of 40% of car accident victims suffer long-term pain and impairment. Therefore, contrary to what insurance companies may want you to believe, whiplash is not a self limited problem that will just go away. Car accident injuries are serious.

Researchers point to 3 distinct structures that become injured in a car accident that account for the vast majority of chronic whiplash sufferers.

  1. Facet joint injury
    because the damage. Namely, neck damage is The number one cause of chronic neck pain form am motor vehicle collision is a damaged facet joint. The facet joints technically known as zygapohyseal joints, are the joints on the back of the spine that connect two spinal bones or vertebrae together. These joints are designed to allow your spine to move. When the neck is subjected to the extreme forces of a motor vehicle collision, the joints become damaged. These injuries are nearly impossible to detect since symptoms of a damaged facet joint are the same as a whiplash strain type injury without facet joint damage. Pain and stiffness that radiates into the shoulder blade on certain head and neck movements is the hallmark of this injury. Facet joint injury is suspected in cases of whiplash that fail to respond fully in a reasonable amount of time and a pain pattern that is reproducible. When the head is angled backward and to the side at the same time and then slightly compressed, the characteristic shoulder blade pain will appear.
  2. Intervertebral disc injury
    contact nerves The next most common cause of chronic whiplash pain is a damaged disc. The larger part of the spinal bones are separated by a disc. The disc is a shock absorber and a spacer to allow room for nerves to exit between the vertebrae. Car accidents cause shearing forces across the disc and cause the fibers to tear. Small tears in the outer disc fibers will cause pain in the centerline of the spine . Tears may eventually worsen until the disc begins to bulge outward which causes radiating pain into the arms, hands or fingers. Often times the disc bulge or herniation occurs weeks, months even years after the initial injury.
  3. Upper cervical ligament damage
    The third most common cause of chronic whiplash pain, particularly headaches is damage to the ligaments that hold your head and upper neck in alignment. These “accessory” ligaments as they are commonly called, are damaged by teh spine being forced into an “S” configuration milliseconds after impact. The result is looseness in the joints between the skull and the top 2 spinal bones the “atlas” and “axis.” The looseness is often hidden early on by muscle spasm, but once spasm abates a noticeable “clunk” or “crack” will be heard and felt by the victim on turning or tilting the head. The looseness leads to misalignment of the upper cervical vertebrae which cause head pain.

You may now realize that whiplash injuries from car accidents are in fact serious. Up to 40% of car accident victims will suffer chronic pain and impairment because they have suffered injury to their facet joints, disc or accessory ligaments.

Learn more about injuries and treatment after a car accident by attending a Free Car Accident Injury Webinar. This is an in depth 10 part video series that explains in easy to understand language what whiplash is, what effects it has on your health and what can be done about it. There is even a session on how to avoid whiplash injuries. The information is suitable for the public but is also fully referenced with leading scientific references so that doctors and lawyers handling these cases can better help their patients and clients.

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Orange County, CA Car Accident Advice

Car Accident in Orange County, CA
Dr Barry L Marks, Chiropractor, Orange, CA 92868

Car Accident Recently?

If you’ve suffered an auto accident recently you probably have many questions. Who will fix my car? Am I really injured? How will I pay for medical treatment? Do I have to sue someone?

Assuming you have already obtained the personal and auto insurance information from the person that hit you, your next step is quite logical.


You need to determine whether or not you are injured.

A personal injury case is predicated on medical damages. If you have not suffered any medically verified injuries, there is nothing to discuss other than a simple transaction of repairing your vehicle.

But how do you know if you are truly injured?
If you’ve been to the emergency room or have already visited your family or HMO doctor, you may have had a cursory exam and been told you have a neck or back strain. Often you will not have had x-rays and often even if you do, you will be told they are “essentially normal.” The first thing to know about car accident injuries or whiplash is that they are often underestimated by most medical physicians.

What you need is to be evaluated by a true car accident injury specialist. Your spine may be injured more than you realize and you may not even feel that much pain nor have suffered much vehicle damage. A true expert will uncover any hidden or subtle injuries that exist.

Once you have been found to be injured, these injuries must be properly documented. By proper, I mean the precise diagnosis codes must be used. The correct number and very specific codes and time frames must be used. Most generalist doctors and even many “experts” do not know how to do this correctly. That could cost you later.

Next you need to begin care and follow your expert doctor’s advice. Proper healing will only occur if you follow his or her treatment protocol. That brings up another point. Your doctor must know the proper treatment to provide. He or she should provide, in a certain sequence, the correct therapies that have been proven to heal whiplash injuries and are acceptable to insurance companies. An auto accident case is no place for a “guru” doctor to provide unusual or controversial care. It must be scientifically sound and legally defensible.

Depending on the scope of your injuries, you may be advised to seek legal counsel right away and/or to possibly see another medical specialist for additional evaluation and/or treatment. This will be apparent within the first weeks of care with your car accident medical expert.

For more detailed information on car accident injuries, what to do after a car accident, and how to find a car accident medical expert near you, take part in this Free Online Car Accident Injury Seminar: Truth About Whiplash.


dr_barry_marks_orange_ca_car-accident-expertDr Barry Marks is a chiropractor, author and lecturer in Orange, CA. He is a former Associate Clinical Professor at a leading Chiropractic College and has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of auto accident injuries since 1986. As an Advanced Graduate of the Spine Research Institutes’s Whiplash Traumatology and Brain Injury Program he is one of Orange County’s most experienced whiplash experts. Visit Dr Marks at http://www.orange-car-accident.com

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Car Accident in Orange County? New Whiplash Seminar Part 1

Orange County Car Accident Treatment Information

The Truth About Whiplash Seminar Series Part 1 by Dr Barry L Marks, Chiropractor, Author and Lecturer Orange, CA

Former Associate Clinical Professor and Car Accident injury specialist, Dr Barry L Marks presents the first in a series of videos to reveal “The Truth About Whiplash.”

Part 1: The Problem with Whiplash explains common misconceptions about car accident injuries and lays out the basic facts about whiplash. Dr. Marks information is fuller referenced citing some of the world;s leading authorities on whiplash research.

This information is easy to understand yet very powerful and persuasive. It is suitable for auto accident victims as well as for continuing education for doctors and lawyers handling car accident cases.

YouTube Preview Image

Watch Part 1: The Problem with Whiplash now.

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“Auto Accident Injury Intensifiers”

Auto Accident Injury Intensifiers

Orange County, CA

Car Accident injury information by whiplash expert Dr Barry Marks, Chiropractor, Orange, CA

Young Man Holding NeckAuto accidents are a common occurrence in Orange County. Each year thousands of Orange residents are injured in collisions between vehicles in the county’s over stuffed freeways.

Medical researchers have compiled data on “injury intensifiers” or things or circumstances that make an injury worse. Knowing these intensifiers, can help you, your car accident doctor and your lawyer better understand your injuries. Some may think that just because there is minor vehicle damage, that your injuries should also be “minor.” That’s not always the case. These intensifiers are the reason why some are hurt more than others.

Here are some of the most commonly known factors or “injury intensifiers,” that can increase your risk for injury in an accident.

  • Rear impact: rear impact collisions cause more damage to the human spine than any other type of collision.
  • Head restraint position: a head restraint that is positioned incorrectly greatly increases your chance for injury
  • Head position: if you are looking to the side, down to your stereo or into your rear view mirror on impact, your injury potential is raised
  • Surprised: being surprised and therefore unable to brace for impact makes it 15x more likely that you will be injured
  • Female gender: females suffer injury more easily than males due to neck size and other anatomic factors
  • Pre-existing arthritis or disc disease: an already compromised neck even if it was asymptomatic previously, makes the neck less resilient to injury
  • Angled impact: If your body is turned or if the striking vehicle hits your vehicle at an angle, the forces to your body are asymmetrical and cause more damage to one side of your body than the other.
  • Trailer or tow hitch: A trailer package on your car or truck bolts directly to your frame; it is rigid and does not give on impact. When a lower vehicle strikes the hitch and not your bumper, the forces are not dampened by a crushable bumper and causes much more force to go through the chassis and into your body.
  • There are many more injury intensifiers in the research literature a good competent car accident doctor will be aware of and question you about

To learn more about these risk factors and others and what you can do to minimize your chance of injury in an auto accident, join the Free online whiplash seminar at www.TruthAboutWhiplash.com.

This free web based audio seminar with downloadable .pdf fact sheets will teach every accident victim what they need to know about their whiplash injury. Physicians and lawyers will also benefit from this free auto accident seminar by learning key facts about the truth behind motor vechicle collisions and their treatment.

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Orange County Car Accident Facts for Auto Accident Victims in Orange, CA

Auto Accident and Car Accident facts by Orange County Car Accident Specialist, Dr Barry L Marks, DC, Orange, CA

whiplash_neck_pain1Here are some interesting auto accident facts gleaned from our friends at Spine Research Institute of San Diego…with commentary

Approx 3 million whiplash injuries occur each year in US
That’s a lot of injuries and when you consider other facts revealed below, you’ll realize just how common it is to become injured and suffer permanent pain and disability, despite the fact that insurance companies attempt to tell victims they are not injured or that auto accidents are not serious.

45% of chronic neck pain sufferers blame past MVC as the cause of their pain
Wow, almost half of all chronic neck pain sufferers attribute a car accident as their source of pain…does that sound like auto accidents are simple, uncomplicated injuries?

Females are twice as likely to suffer whiplash injury than males
The most commonly cited reason for this is neck size. Females, in general, have thinner, weaker necks than their male counterparts and therefore are not as resilient to whiplash forces.

Males and females are equally likely to suffer long term residual pain and/or impairment after a whiplash injury
Interestingly, even though females are more easily injured, once someone is injured it does not matter what their gender, they are just as likely to suffer long term impairment and pain from their car accident.

Approximately 35% of all victims of rear impact motor vehicle collisions become chronically painful
Here’s a powerful statistic that flies in the face of insurance adjusters who often claim whiplash injuries go away with our without treatment in a matter of weeks. Sourced from numerous top flight medical and scientific papers, this fact is very troublesome. When you consider that 3,000,000 injuries occur every year and 35% of them will suffer chronic pain, that means every single year there are 1,050,000 new chronic pain sufferers in the U.S.

These facts clearly point to the fact that whplash injuires are very common, are serious and often lead to long-term pain and impairment. For these reasons it is imperative to get checked by a auto accident medical specialist who understands these facts and can properly manage these complex injuires.

Dr Barry Marks, DC
Car Accident Specialist, Orange, CA

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Car Accident Neck Pain and Headaches…What to Do?

Car Accident Injury Information Orange County
By Auto Accident Treatment Specialist Dr Barry L Marks, DC, Orange, CA 

auto_accident_x-rayThe most common reason people continue to suffer from neck pain and headaches long after the accident is due to abnormal alignment and biomechanics of the cervical spine (neck). Proper management of whiplash-type injuries involves rehabilitating the spine as much as possible to maximize motion, alignment and strength.

If you have suffered an auto accident and still suffer from chronic pain after treatment has concluded, here is what needs to be done to evaluate your neck to see what can be done to improve it:

  • A review of your x-rays is required. You should have had a set of x-rays taken on day one of your treatment and then again on a re-exam to see what improvements have been made and whether or not your neck has recovered from the injury. The angle or curve of your neck needs to be measured and compared to normal. This is best seen on a “side view” or “lateral projection.” Also, an analysis of the motion between each spinal bone must be made. This is done on bending films also known as “flexion and extension” views.
  • An analysis of your neck and upper back musculature for symmetry and spasm as well as compare the muscles in the back of your neck to those in the front. An imbalance often creates abnormal mechanics and chronic pain. An assessment of your neck muscle strength. Weakness of the muscles in the back of the neck causes abnormal motion.
  • An examination of your spinal nerves in the neck area to see if they are functioning properly must be done.

A competent chiropractor specializing in the area of auto accident injuries should be able to easily perform these checks for you and determine the underlying cause of the pain so that an effective treatment program can be initiated. But beware the “generalist” chiropractor or medical doctor who may treat whiplash, but does not specialize in whiplash. There is a big difference.

Many chronic whiplash pain cases are caused by ineffective treatment that was ended prematurely because the doctor did not understand the need to fully rehabilitate the neck for maximum recovery or just didn’t know how. I trust this information will help.

For more information and a Free online Whiplash Seminar visit: www.truthaboutwhiplpash.com

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Recent Car Accident Orange County?

Car Accident Advice in Orange, Orange County, CAwhiplash_neck_pain
by Auto Accident Injury Specialist
Dr Barry L Marks, DC
Chiropractor – Author – Lecturer

If you’ve had a recent car accident, then you MUST take decisive action to protect your rights, NOW. There are certain steps that must be followed to ensure your access to proper medical care by an auto accident injury specialist and to secure the most favorable auto accident settlement. Step one must be completed within the first 72 hours following your accident, but more about that later.

This is breaking information your doctor and auto accident attorney will not tell you…because even they don’t know!

Even if you car accident was a minor impact or low speed crash, especially if your accident was a low property damage accident, you must read this information before doing anything else. Accidents of all severities can be seriously derailed if you make the wrong choices within the first 24-72 hours.

Don’t make a mistake, order the Shocking Free Report just released this week that has many people up in arms. This is behind the scenes info your own insurance company doesn’t want you to find out…info you will NEVER hear anywhere else. Info straight from an insurance adjuster turned rogue whistle blower who spilled the beans on unfair tactics to reduce your claims.

The report reveals 4 steps you need to take NOW to protect your rights.

Order your free report here: Shocking Car Accident Report

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“Car Accident within 24-72 Hours? Read this NOW…”

Car Accident Information from Dr Barry L Marks, DC
Auto Accident Injury Specialist Orange, Orange County, CA

If you’ve been the victim of an auto accident in the past 24 to 72 hours, the clock is ticking…

auto_accident_x-rayIf you do not take decisive action within the next few hours you could be seriously jeopardizing your access to proper medical treatment and a fair settlement. This one simple action can keep you from suffering an uphill battle and endless hassles with the insurrance company.

Unfortuantely, this is information your doctor will not tell you. Most likely neither will you attorney.

Why not?

Because they probably aren’t aware of this important fact. But trust me as someone who has been involved in this industry for over 23 years and someone who has seen the inner workings of the big insurance corporations, this is something you need to know about and take care of immediately.

See, there are certain things insurance adjusters are looking for in your case. And if they don’t see certain things done within certain time frames, they will automatically discount your case…alot. By contrast, if they find certain things in your case, things done the way they like, your case value sky rockets!

Look, you don’t want your case discounted just because you didn’t do one simple thing do you? It would be a shame.

And wouldn’t you like to make sure you get access to the best possible medical care AND ensure a fair settlement? Of course you would.

So right now, before you do anything else, follow this link: Whiplash 72 Hours. You’ll thank me later. 

Dr Barry L. Marks, DC

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Car Accident Settlement in Orange County

Orange County, CA
Car Accident Injury Settlement

Car Accidents result in medical expenses, lost time from work, pain and suffering, vehicle damage, and other damages.

What car accident settlements should include:

  • Compensation for medical expenses including office visits and therapy charges for chiropractors, medical doctors, physical therapists, and surgeons. Medications both over the counter and prescription are also compensated for.
  • Compensation for lost time from work. You will need a signed letter or form from your employer and/or check stubs that prove that you lost income as a result of your injury.
  • Compensation for pain and suffering. “Pain and suffering” refers to the time you were unable to enjoy your normal life due to pain from the car accident. It is also intended for the period of time you endured pain while still working or performing daily household activities.
  • Compensation for your vehicle damage.
  • Compensation for any other incidental expenses you incur as a direct result of the collision.

The ABC’s of a car accident settlement…

For the rest of this article, see the author’s website at http://www.drmarks.com/car-accident-settlement.html

You will find other articles of interest for victims of auto accidents including:

  • Car accident injuries and whiplash treatment
  • Car accident injury diagnosis

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